When it is really awkward。

Population,Summer is in the rushing,It has already been approved。
Mysterious energy in the hole,Like mercury generally outline and flow,Finally, it is generally on the armor.。
He hasn’t shown a lot of gods for a long time.。
Because this stunt has too much consumption of mysterious energy and spiritual power。
But facing the abilities,The god is called the goddene。
Summer or sometimes doubt,The goddess is not specially created by the ghost valley.。
In the face of the ancient martial arts knife, the sword is attacked.,Feng Shen’s defense performance is very general。
But facing various energy attacks,It is completely two states。
He is dark,Handheld snake knife rushing in the crowd。
Murderous,Sword and horizontal。
Under the loss of round rotation,After promoting the hole,Power multiplied increase。
He launches ghost film,Open a big way,Found,unstoppable,Blood is constantly splashing。
It is like the god of the armor.,Help him to resist the overwhelming power attack。
Sometimes I can’t avoid it,Etienm,It is also successfully resolved and absorbed by God.。
Summetry is shocked by everyone。
Gary I thought that the strength,Hundreds of masters can http://www.open3dnet.cn be combined with hundreds of masters to suppress and enrich the summer,I didn’t expect to be such a scene.。
But now,It is impossible to retreat。
Several empty men with suspension continue to push down,The abilities of the four weeks are more like。
Tattoo lightning,Twisted flame,Intensive wind blade、There is also a line of lightning.。
But all this can’t stop the summer slaughter。
After reaching the cave,He truly understands the power of this realm.。
Many times don’t need to be struggling skills,Just use the power to kill the Quartet。
To the latter,He is not deliberately avoiding flashing.,Reward,Quickly get absorption。
over time,Those possible energy absorbed,Gradually reached full,The light of the light is almost shrouded him.。
He rushed into the most intense central,The body suddenly http://www.qlyflower.cn shock,Feng Shen offs off,It turns into attack by defense。
Summer is getting more and more bright,The last is like a volcanic eruption,Unborantful light rushing on the sky。
Circle within ten meters,All are swallowed by the light.。