Qin Ningzhen,This woman is really?

Lu Jian glanced toward Lu Haocheng,Gas’s full face。
Lu Hao Cheng did not speak,After Lu Jian leaving,He takes out the phone,A phone call。
Lu Hao Cheng:“Lin Ye,Assist people protect my three children,Pay attention to Qin Ning points,What is the movement of the people around her?,Be sure to talk to me at any time.,For the three children of me。”
“Continental,Do not worry!”
Lu Haocheng hangs the phone,Looked outside,He went out,Looking at Ou Jing, I am dealing with the rumors of today online.。
Lu Haicheng asked:“Have you found it??”
Ou Jing, did not look up at him,Say:“no,This time the other party is very smart,Can’t find the address。”
Lu Hao Cheng:“Qin Ning already knows that Xiaojun’s three people have existed.。”
Oujing suddenly looked at him,“How can I be so unhappy??”
Lu Haocheng told the things that happened in the school.。
European:“During this time, I am thinking that I am monitoring the vehicle on Lu Yong Group.,Three vehicles have been successfully installed,One of them is Qin Ning.,But there is nothing,She doesn’t always go out,so,I think,Old house in your home,Upper,This way we can quickly find a lot of things.。”
Since you have to do,Do it thoroughly。
Lu Haozheng slightly,road:“She is a very vigilant person,Every time I will find a trusted technician to clean up at home.,otherwise,I have already done it.,Pinsha camera in my room,I can’t find any important clues。”
European,Think about it,Say:“You make people inquire,What are the technicians who have trusted?,Then I have other ways。”
Lu Haozheng,“Give you a look at you before get off work.,Lin Ziwa,At the time, I met them.。”
Lu Haocheng said,Also returned to your own office。
Blue Xin,Then look at Xia Chi’s information in the computer.。
And her personal preferences and hobbies,This check she only knows,Her clothes were designed by famous designers。
Comparison of traditional style,There are no other big breakthroughs in eight years.,Xia Tiye’s clothes are big red big purple,Conspicuous,Mature。
Suddenly, I want her to design,have to say,This also bruises her and Yao Yao’s hatred a lot.。
Now,Not just aunt,I am afraid that she has also become a nice in Yao Yaojing.。
Blue Xin is very serious,The phone on the desk is suddenly ringing.。
Blue Xin low,Lu Hao Cheng’s father,Her heart is tight,Looking at Ning Feifei in his work,Push the phone。
Lu Yu:“Blue Director,I already know the existence of children.,I have just found it.,He does not agree, I see the child.,But I know you will agree,Even if I ask you,Let me see the child,The previous thing is my fault.,Blue Director,Can I see the children??”
The last sentence,Lu Juan is full of requests。
Blue Xinyi,Lu Hao is not bullied,Is she bullied??
Lu Haozheng disagree,Don’t she agree??
Qinhuai I saw in school that day,She knows,How long does this matter hide?。