“Lu Menglin,you’re lying!You said you want to treat everyone in the audience as pigs,how do I,How do you feel that they are all my relatives?!”Wang Shaoxiao’s face is red,Excited。

This fat man grew up,I felt the spring-like warmth of the masses for the first time,Although this warm applause,Not for him to a large extent,But it doesn’t matter,The important thing is that he is very hi!
then,Lu Menglin met a completely different fat man for the first time,A fat man who gets crazy on stage。
Fat Wang Shaoxiao changed his previous cringing appearance,Excited and waved vigorously at the bottom of the stage,And yelled:“thank!Thanks for your applause!I love you!Below is the combination of our Xiaomeng,To present today’s song for everyone,Hope you will like!”
Accompaniment music plays,This is an affectionate song,And the moment when the fat Wang Shaoxiao played the prelude,Fully enter the state,Moving to static,From one extreme to the other。
The emotional line in your hand,
It’s a secret that won’t leak,
That may be my life,Forbidden zone
Am i in your palm
Or just camp in dreams
In the boundless sky and earth
Looking for an unknown relationship.
Wang Shaoxiao’s voice is very suitable for this gentle love song,This is from MUJI《Palm》,In the summer of 1998,It’s an old song by Xiao Huo。
The fat man opened his voice,Including the judges and teachers below,No one thought of,This fat brother who looks shameless,The voice is so clean and clear,People can’t help but listen carefully。
The whole hall quickly became quiet,Only the sound of music and Wang Shaoxiao’s voice echoed on the stage。
Lu Menglin really holds two big sand hammers,Standing behind my friend with a smile,I didn’t feel that the light on the stage was robbed by the opponent。
He was even touched,I really like to see Wang Shaoxiao exuding charm like this。
Because Wang Shaoxiao sang really well,And singing this thing,Maybe he is the most trustworthy in his life