Although it is ancient to be recognized, it is Chen Na South.,Not Zheng,But Chen Na South is also Zheng’s family,Not so good, the total rudder is not good。

But ancient to not refute,Mu Wangfu can not be used to him……
And Zheng’s flag number,Is the five princes in the former Song——certainly,No one knows,Mu Wangfu is also、Zheng Wangfu is also,Essentially I want myself.,Just just find a first。
Even before Zheng Ke Shuang showed his own 煊 煊 in front of the Aunt,The eyes of the eyes, the Tang Zong Song Zu,Nine difficulties……I am not a taste in my heart.,It is not too unexpected.。
After all, there are no known people.,She can still know?Three princes、Five princes,Originally fake……
In this way, it is also divided into three parties.,In addition to this part,There is also one of the most important,That is to respect Song Ting orthodox,Three partial debates。
Mu Wangfu and Zheng Wangfu mutual accused of each other are not orthodox,And a heart attack,At the same time, I will accuse Song Ting’s fainting.、Puff……
Yue Cheng and Li Xihua have a big head,Gu Ting is also secretly sighed。
Seeing all parties this is not only the alliance of the competition.,Be“Disposition”Rhythm,Li Xihua:“Dear brothers listen to me!If we are in this,Isn’t it an anti-laugh??I am foolish,As long as you can drive,No matter which one of the children,No one can do the emperor,even……But all Han people,Can Rech,I Li Xihua served him to do the emperor.!
What are we fighting here?,Let’s kill Wu Sangui、Re-killing the dog emperor,Who is the credit,Who is it?!”
Li Xihua,Mu Wangfu、Zheng Wangfu’s people are dissatisfied,After all, this is said.,Don’t you expand the competitors??
But for other most people,But it is more comfortable。
After all, there are people in the rivers and lakes.,If you want to be the emperor, then a few,Most of them come to the rivers and lakes.——What three princes、Five princes,This is the front of the front.,Now that Manchu is in the Central Plains,otherwise……You are all called“Chapter”Is it good??
Mu Wangfu’s Liu Danyu frowned:“If you kill Wu Sangui,We Mu Wangfu and Heavenly Association,I have to take you the horse.?”
“I dare not dare,Just now we are striving to grab,What three princes、Five princes,If it is inspected, it is the front Tang Dynasty.,Do you have to give the throne to the youth?”
“you……”Liu Dang Wen Wenyi。
“What three princes in the future、Five-prince,Have no credit,No one knows at this moment.……If you are credit,Natural people dress,This trip is sorted by。If there is no size,Even if I boarded the dragon,I am afraid that I still sit.。
Mu Wangfu’s hero、The heavens,Let’s reflect on a thousand days.,Either,Some……Kill Wu Sangui is anxious,Emperor’s slow!Since this, since the admission is not,Then we will,Each of the other、Branch,Gu Fu makes our general military division,Who has a charter?,As long as it does not affect each other!
As for the matter,Who is the credit,Not a point?”Li Xihua talks about it。
“Li Gongzi said!”
“Be right,Go to the cold king,I will find the court to find the court.。”
“Of course, who is good,Who will wear?!”
Mu Wangfu and the world will have a thought,However, other roads have greeted……
Especially Situ Berley,At this time, he said:“it is good!Older husband,But you can also make a horse,Who killed Wu Sangui,My Wangwu School is looking for his horse.!”
Situ Berley is like this,Everyone has more attached。
Aqi carefully observed the expression of Master at this time.,I saw her when Li Gongzi just opened.,Also frown、Hidden,But hear it,Instead, the face is released……
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 819 Act
“This Li Gongzi is some insight.,pity、pity。”Huang Rong said that he shaken his head.。
Chu Deirers did not speak,I know this“pity”What means——It’s worth it.。
Unfortunately, Jianghu Zeng,OK,Uprising can not be good at,More, it is a pity that now is uncomfortable.,It is also a pity that you don’t have bad things.。