Say a thousand,Dao ten thousand,Two people in it,Have a certain responsibility for this matter。

If Qiangwei really doesn’t like Ge Xiaolun,You can reject her directly。
But she didn’t refuse,Gave Ge Xiaolun the illusion again and again,Like some kind of tea。
the difference is,Some kind of tea is intentional,And Qiangwei accidentally。
Let’s talk about Lena,Seeing Xin Zhao’s eyes rolling there,Let her reach out and pinch Zhao Xin’s nose,Then lower your head,Look at Xin Zhao with two bright eyes“Small letter,Don’t bother,You have to know the goddess, I have prepared several maids for you in Lieyang,I’m sure to let you take medicine and nourishment。
My maids,Although not comparable to Rose,But good figure,And know how to serve people,Make sure to let you guys who have never seen the world,You will directly submit!”
Sometimes Lena doesn’t recognize the tradition of Lieyang,But sometimes I have to admit,Certain traditions are indeed attractive,Especially to attract men。
This is not,After hearing Lena’s promise,Xin Zhao feels really moved。
To give up a grassland for a goddess,Or give up a goddess for a grassland,This is really a difficult choice。
An advanced civilization like Lieyang,Xin Zhao believes that there is a maid serving Lena,It’s definitely not bad。
More importantly, he will serve people。
Think about the personal service of ancient maids,Xin Zhao feels that from now on,I need to think about the conditions Rena gave herself。
Actually think about it like this,Lieyang is totally good。