The chubby horse and golden horse sit aside,Grinning,But there was a chill in the straight smile。

Feng Nan is even better,Yelled viciously:“Give it a hard hit first,Then send it to the security department。This is considered theft!Give them a cruel,See who else would dare to make trouble in our store in the future。”
“What’s the effort!Chop a finger directly,See who will dare to make a thousand in our field in the future!”A brother who watched the scene yelled angrily, not too much,I really consider myself a social person。
Everyone, you and me,Scared the two junior high school students,My toes are shaking,I just cried on the spot。
At this moment,Lu Menglin waved his hand,Wait until everyone is quiet,Then he asked with a smile:“You two got some machines with me,How many coins?”
Black and thin boy gritted his teeth:“No,We played this king of fighters97,I was reported after playing for a while!”
Talk about it,He quietly took a look,Seems to be looking for the big guy who reported him just now,Want to remember。
“You guys also like to play King of Fighters?”Lu Menglin smiled。
Upon hearing this sentence,The black and thin boy suddenly seemed to grab a life-saving straw,Responsiveness,Rush to say:“Yes!My king of fighters plays well,But no money to buy coins。Don’t believe it, try with me?”
“Try?”Lu Menglin was a little surprised,In Liufang,Some people take the initiative to challenge themselves with the King of Fighters,Courage is rare。
“Yes!How about we gamble,We play a round,If i win,You just let us go,We promise that we will never do this again!”The thin black boy said loudly。
It seems that this kid has a strong desire to survive!Not only smart,Also know how to seize opportunities,He wanted to use words to run against the young boss,Fight a way out for yourself and your friends。
It’s a pity that he found the wrong person,No one here knows that Lu Menglin is the hidden master of the local King of Fighters world,And still peerless,The kind that no one can match。