For example, this time it might seem that they made some small tricks,But it’s definitely a long time to plan,The place where they are now is very hidden,And at first glance, it is a place that has been arranged for a long time。

If you can really do these things, it is definitely not a temporary intention or is easy to do these things with small tricks,There must be a careful plan to make things so orderly。
He even brought everyone back without knowing it,If it wasn’t for Xiao Fan to find something abnormal,They might have to call Xiao Fan,Let Xiao Fan go to save others may threaten Xiao Fan。
So Xiao Fan feels that it is very good that he can discover these things as soon as possible,When Xiao Fan came, no one else had any vigilance.,Because they felt that if Xiao Fan came to save people, he must have come to the big army。
There will be a lot of people coming together, they don’t have to worry about others,They have so many hostages in their hands anyway,They don’t believe that Xiao Fan would be so cruel to kill all his brothers,Regardless of the lives of my brothers。
Xiao Fan will naturally not ignore the names of his brothers,I will try my best to rescue my brother,But these people are really not worthy of Xiao Fan’s efforts,It’s not so much to save people to settle accounts。
Just simply settle with them,Since so many days,Can some of the things they do reach Xiao Fan?,And let them know what kind of punishment they should be,To be able to relieve Xiao Fan’s hatred。
Many people don’t know what Xiao Fan’s real strength is like,Maybe in their opinion,Xiao Fan just has many of his own companies,And the martial arts are strong,It seems to be just so much stronger than ordinary people。
But if it is some other ability,They didn’t even know that Xiao Fan had such abilities different from ordinary people,I don’t even know how big Xiao Fan’s strength is,How many people under one’s own hands run their own company。
What a profit,So they don’t know these things,They dare to provoke Xiao Fan,If they can really understand,I believe no one dare to provoke Xiao Fan,I dare not touch the people around Xiao Fan。
After Xiao Fan came here, they found that they were not really wary,Instead, he waited for Xiao Fan to come,Feel they have hostages,You can easily hold Xiao Fan,Or really let Xiao Fan give them some bargaining chips。
Let them do other things,I don’t know that I’m standing in front of them right now,They couldn’t find out and then went around。
I knew where Su Ran and the others were locked up because he knew it with a perspective eye,But it still turns the whole place around,Because he wants to know if there are any other things,Need to understand clearly。
After all, if the other brothers come,Unavoidable traps,It’s not good for them to get hurt,Xiao Fan doesn’t want the people under his hands to get hurt,Although Xiao Fan believes in their abilities。
But sometimes it’s better to be cautious,Then Xiao Fan found nothing unusual,These people are really big,Fortify outside,There are no other precautions。
If someone comes inside and wants to save someone,They were completely caught off guard,There is no remedy at all,Xiao Fan came to Guan Shen Lin and Su Ran,There are some other brothers。
Then I saw everyone was full of energy,There is no color of fear,Xiao Fan also feels very satisfied,Then he showed himself when he was at the door,Then quietly entered the house。
Shen Lin and Su Ran found Xiao Fan all at once,Of course they are all well-trained people,So I won’t exclaim at all,Or some other actions,On the contrary very calm,Just a little happy。