Effective diet, specializing in treating oral ulcers!

Effective diet, specializing in treating oral ulcers!

Honey gargle method: 10% honey gargle method can be used to lighten, relieve pain, and promote cell regeneration.

  Honey therapy: Wash your mouth thoroughly, and then apply honey to the surface of the ulcer with a disinfectant cotton swab. Do not eat or drink after rubbing.

About 15 minutes, you can swallow honey with saliva, and then continue to rub, you can repeat the rub several times a day.

  Zinc sulfate therapy: take zinc sulfate tablets or 1% zinc sulfate syrup, adults 40?
80mm, 3 times a day, usually 5?
Heal in 7 days.

  Fungus therapy: take white fungus, black fungus, hawthorn each 10 grams, decoction, drink soup to eat fungus, 1?
2 times, can cure oral ulcers.

  Cocoa therapy: make cocoa powder and honey into a paste, frequently containing pharynx, several times a day can cure oral inflammation and ulcers.

  Cabbage root therapy: take 60 grams of cabbage root, 15 grams of garlic seedlings, 10 jujubes, decoction, 1?
2 times, can cure oral ulcers.

  Rapeseed therapy: take 30 grams of white radish seeds, 30 grams of mustard seeds, and 15 grams of light green, put them together and smash them, apply to the foot, once a day, can cure oral ulcers.

  Apple therapy: take 1 apple (or pear) and slice into a container, add cold water (apple or pear to be boiled) and heat to a boil. After it is slightly cold, put it in the mouth with wine for a while before serving, Can be cured for several days.

  Walnut Shell Therapy: Boil 30 to 50 grams of walnut shells twice a day, morning and evening.