Qin Hao turned sideways,Hit He Chenguang’s face directly,Knocked He Chenguang to the ground。

“puff,”He Chenguang spat out two teeth with blood。
At this moment,He Chenguang is a little sober,But when he saw the eyes of people around。
I saw Qin Hao standing in front of him again,Anger rises in his heart again,He doesn’t allow anyone to look at him with strange eyes。
When he vomited his teeth,Qin Hao has already rushed towards him。
“Mars,and many more,”Fan Tianlei has come from the other side,I want to stop Qin Hao from doing it。
After all he knows,He Chenguang is definitely not Qin Hao’s opponent,If you really push Qin Hao into a hurry,So what does He Chenguang think will be transformed into??
Fan Tianlei and He Chenguang still have something to do,After all, He Chenguang’s father was sacrificed to save Fan Tianlei.。
And He Chenguang was also recruited by Fan Tianlei into the team。
“Humph,”I heard Fan Tianlei’s words,Qin Hao didn’t stop either,It’s just that the strength on the feet is less。
“roll,”Kicked Qin Hao directly to Fan Tianlei’s feet。
obviously,He Chenguang’s behavior just now really angered Qin Hao。
Even his own people are cruel,Killer,This is intolerable to any special forces。
So many eyes at the scene saw the murder of He Chenguang,If it wasn’t for Qin Hao to hide quickly,He Chenguang had already succeeded。
Everyone has different eyes on He Chenguang,Fan Tianlei is not a fool,Can also detect it。