despite this,Teenagers still cling to weirdos,Not only get enough food,And weirdos have the ability,Is the kind of super ability he has never seen before,Weird can teleport,Holding his neck,Take him from one place to another far away in an instant。

Juveniles do not understand the concept of distance clearly,In short, it feels far, far away。
With weirdo,Besides eating and drinking,Basically, it’s all around the mainland,When the weirdo is in a good mood,The youth will tell the other party about the mainland,But only in the small place where he wandered,And most of them are the homeless settlements where he mixed,Other information is so pitiful,But the teenager still talks and listens to weird people。
The boy doesn’t know what the weirdo is doing,in three days,He has accompanied him to every kingdom and tribe on the continent,The whole continent is miserable,City rundown,Paralysis of state functions,There are ruins after smashing and looting everywhere,Even in the suburbs and even further away,It’s hard to see decent villages and tribes。
The society is not turbulent anymore,But showing signs of defeat and doom,Weirdo witnessed it all,But never express any opinion,Not even talking to himself,Seen one place,Will be in a daze,So I took the boy to the next place。
There are killings everywhere、Conflict and bloodshed,The powerful are strong but weak,Refugees gather to defend themselves against robbers and heroes,If you fail, you will die like loose sand,Occasionally won,Often new heroes are born,Join the robbery and killing,The country and order are long gone。
There are people with great ambitions,Gather like-minded people,Want to calm this troubled world,Establish a new human regime,Reproduce the glory of mainland civilization,But it won’t happen after all,Or die halfway,Or lose your power in a crucial step,Embarrassing,There seems to be a pair of invisible hands controlling this endless disaster,As if it will eventually drag mainland civilization to destruction。
Can’t remember the fifth day,It’s still the sixth day,The weirdo is leaving,And resolutely refused the boy to follow,And slapped the teenager five times,I kept fanning the boy to the end of the mountain,Wait until he struggles to get up and return to the place where he once stayed,The weirdo is long gone,Only a broken knife was left in the grass nest,When the boy mentioned the broken knife,A sound wave comes into the ear。
“I shouldn’t have been involved in anything on the mainland recently,But it’s still stuck by your tail,Be fate,Survival on the mainland is dangerous,A broken knife is a gift for self-defense,Hope you can live well。”
Teenagers are very imaginative,Think of the few exchanges with weirdos in recent days,He guessed that the other party came from a very far away place,Even with him who is not in the same world,Although the purpose of this trip is unknown,But a weird man who has the ability to watch so many devastated continents,Occasionally, his eyes showed worry and loneliness,He may have had ties to the mainland,There should be some reaction,Instead of just looking around。
The teenager firmly believes that the weirdo will come back,So besides the wanderings, looking for food everywhere,Every day he goes back to the place where he and the weird once stayed for the night,But a whole year passed,No news from the other party。
And this year,The environment on the mainland is more sinister,More people die,And various natural and man-made disasters show no signs of abating,The young man decided not to wait any longer,The reason why the weirdo did not come back,Maybe something got caught,He is eager to see each other again now,Even if you can’t learn anything,Follow him。
North of Yangshan,South of Shaoyin Mountain,It is the earliest place where the weirdo came to the mainland,It’s when the young man took advantage of the other party,The words that came out of his mouth,And the only news that can be associated with weird people。
But this range is too big,And in the far east of the mainland,Tens of thousands of miles away,Almost across the entire continent,Five kingdoms along the way、Two big tribes、Datong Grassland、Sunset mountains、Arasawa,Then enter the Blessed Canyon and the Desert of Death,If I can walk out of the desert alive,Not far from Shaoyin Mountain。
This is a very vague goal,Is also a very slim hope,But the teenager made the decision to cross the mainland without any hesitation,of course,Said before、The series of place names to pass,He doesn’t understand,No way to know the danger,But young and vigorous,I don’t know。
On departure,Young man full of confidence,Because of the broken knife left by the weirdo,Not only a token to meet again,And still put the magic weapon,The boy doesn’t know how to use swords,Fights used to be random,I didn’t learn any fighting skills from the weirdo,But since the first time I waved that knife,He felt full of surging power,Even more surprising is,When slashing with a knife,Actually very accurate head,Well organized。
Broken knife seems to be spiritual,Able to instruct teenagers,Especially in the critical moment of fighting,Teenagers often fail to react,But the broken knife is like a tiger out of the yoke,Go straight to the opponent,Often kills with a single cut,With this knife,Teenagers are not afraid of any difficulties。
One thousand one hundred and twelve chapters All the way east
Young man with a broken knife,Through several human kingdoms and tribes,Faced with countless death threats on the endless Datong grassland,But the most terrifying thing is hunger,Frequent Strange Events on the Grassland,There are very few meek herbivores,Almost extinct,It’s hard to see one after a long time。