Rui Rui, didn’t see wine Yi Yuezi,When I played for a while, I sent Li Xiao male home.,The current situation asked with her on the car.:“Small man,Because the situation is unknown, I can’t pick you away.,Would you like me to re-gave you a safe place??”

“no need,I can still live now.,Just this, how do you teach me??”
“I will teach you.,My makeup is very powerful.?”
“sharp,so amazing,And you must not be better than your makeup artist.。”
“Then I will teach your makeup surgery.,Will you use a gun??”
“meeting,But from learning to now I only drive three shots,There is only one shot of the target.。”Li Xiaoyu said that he said,
“That is to learn from the beginning.,Small man,We must have the ability to protect your own,So you must not only learn guns,Also learn martial arts,These require your own private diligent practice.。”
“But I didn’t even have a gun.。”
“Looking back, I will give you a practicing.。”
“Thank you.,It’s so kind of you!”
Rui Rui is still very careful,Determine no one to track this only send Li Xiaonong home,Then put it on a circle to replace your license plate to return to Zhuang Xiaoman。
“Nine brother,What happened??”Seeing that Qi Rui is not good to see Zhuang Xiaoman,
Rui Rui said with Zhuang Xiaoman with Zhuang Xiaoman.,Ask:“Do you know that the Five Agent Group??”
The No. 5 agent group belongs to the intelligence group under our party leadership,Because it was a national cooperation period,This team also has cooperation here。
“Never heard,Are they a Japanese branch group??”
“It should be a person,never mind,Do you have any news??”
“no,I don’t know what he is busy with?。”
“He is definitely important,You can walk around recently.。”
“it is good,I will see the mysterie of the Mirror tomorrow.,See what she needs there。”
the next day,Rui Rui drives the pharmacy to wait for a while,Then I went to the pier to see the scenery.,Finally, I arrived in Shenghui Tour.。
“Boss!Just find you?。”Zhou Dadao said anxiously,
“what happened?”
“We received a call,Said that I found a common party in Fuyong Lane,The people in the phone let us hurry。”
“Discovering a common party?Male woman calling?”
“A female,Speaking of the accent is a bit strange。”
“How many of you will walk with me,After you come, look at my eyes.。”
“it is good!”
Qi Rui took Zhou Dawei to drive to Fu Yong Lane,This is Fu Ying Xue and Xia Juncheng to save the place of the family.,Rui Rui got off the car and observed around。
Rare Rui wants to find out the phone from the people,Because this person must wait near this?,No matter what this person is, he must find him out.。
“Bamboo!Sure enough, I’m trying to,Since then, I will show you.。”
Searching in the search, I recognized the devil special jam in the No. 5 agent group.,The characters in the familiarity of the spy battle drama are rumored plug-in,There is no hair in front of him.。
Rui Rui took someone directly and walked over,Zhuneng Yunzi saw a long tone to take someone directly to come over and is really nervous.,Because she is very puffed how to know her own。
“We are a row of Shenghui,Just now you call the phone.,Where is the party??”Rui Rui is very strong coming over the head,This momentum makes people feel strong,It seems that you can’t say it.。
“Just 32,A male。”
Rui said to Li Nancheng:“You look at her。”
“Others walk with me。”