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Hu Chongming glanced again at the city deed book Zhu Minglang was holding。
This contract is indeed a waste book to those forces that dominate Runyu City.,But for their Hu family, it’s about dignity。
The Hu family recruited soldiers everywhere,Naturally, I also encountered obstruction and ridicule from some old families,The most humiliating thing is to sell this city,Neither the land deed nor the city seal is in hand。
To revitalize Runyu City,But still have to bear the name of a bereaved dog who was swept out!
This is something their Hu family can’t accept anyway。
“can,As long as the villains who are occupying Runyu City can be driven out。”Hu Chongming nodded。
They are the masters of this city!
“Happy cooperation。”Zhu Minglang laughed。
“The situation here must be explained to you in advance,Except for those bandit warlords,The Sanglong clan reappeared,They seem to be looking for something,This land is full of blood donations from the dragon,Burying the bones of countless zombie dragons……”Hu Chongming said。
“Easy to say,I am Dragon Shepherd,Demon、Dragon Slash,Hand in hand!”Zhu Minglangdao。
Hu Chongming settled down his men first。
What surprised Zhu Minglang was,None of his men are ordinary soldiers,All of them are Dragon Shepherd,Although the cultivation base is not particularly high,But a team of one or two hundred dragon shepherds,In fact, it is no less inferior to those thousands of troops。
It seems that this Hu family brother and sister,Really intend to regain this Runyu City!
It’s better,Battlefield,Zhu Minglang is not very good at it,There is someone who really leads,Will be a lot easier。
Hu Chongming is not a pure idiot,Naturally, he can see that the cultivation of these people is very high.。
What his team lacks is also such a unique team of Dragon Shepherd,Especially near Runyu City,There are too many army chaebols who will support some powerful dragon shepherds,Even the leader himself is the Dragon Shepherd。
Just night,The room without oil lamps is pitch black,Zhu Minglang is not used to going to bed too early,He went to the yard,Everyone else is sitting at the campfire in the yard,Fang Niannianzheng put some delicious meat on the fire and roasted。
Fang Niannian didn’t learn other skills,This barbecue has been stolen by her。