The reason is simple。

Takuya Yuichiro appeared suddenly today,And successfully intercepted Hu Boston First Public University,Obviously someone leaked the secret。
But the person who wants to know today’s leak,Not difficult。
After all, today’s trip to Boston,It was just decided yesterday,And those who know this trip,Only Qiao Tianyu、Chubby face and Rubin trio。
But Qiao Tianyu paid more attention yesterday,Did not reveal the purpose of this trip to Boston。
Rubin only knew that Qiao Tianyu came to visit Qiao Hanfei’s family,But Xiao Pang Lian only knows about attracting customers to invest。
As for Rubin,There is not much time for terminal cancer,Why he helped so much,I want to entrust Lily to Qiao Tianyu。
Besides, he didn’t know about attracting clients’ investment from beginning to end.,So he must have no problem。
Except for Rubin,Qiao Tianyu will naturally not leak secrets,The only one who knew this caused a leak,Only the chubby face!
But Qiao Tianyu didn’t intend to expose the chubby face,As Geodaye reminded in the letter yesterday,Qiao Tianyu now**control,Always led by the nose。
Over time,Qiao Tianyu can never get rid of the shackles of the manipulator,Never want to do anything!
So the most urgent task is to do everything possible,Dig out all the manipulators behind,Do a big fight with the controller。
And to dig out the controller,Step by step is naturally not,It must be concluded that it does not intend to attack its failures,Jump out of the controller’s circle!
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