Men and women have different health conditions: men rely on eating, women rely on sleep

Men and women have different health conditions: men rely on eating, women rely on sleep

As the saying goes: men rely on eating, women rely on sleep.

The man does not leave, the woman does not leave.

Men want to be “cold” and women must be “hot”.
In fact, these slang words are all about one thing: men and women are healthy, each has its own focus.

Today, I will give you a copy of the most comprehensive men’s and women’s health manuals, which will help you choose a health regime that is more suitable for you.

First, men rely on eating, women rely on sleeping males are yang, females are yin, movements are yang, and static is yin, therefore, men must rely on eating to maintain the energy of the movement, to yang;It is necessary to sleep to maintain a state of silence.

However, “men rely on eating, women rely on sleep” is a focus, in fact, both men and women should pay attention to both eating and sleeping.

1, males rely on eating for men, mainly to feed kidney essence, because the kidney is the main yang collection, the body’s yang injection, the kidney is the driving force of life activities.

Therefore, you can eat more kidney-tonifying foods, such as medlar, yam, chestnut, black sesame, lotus seeds and so on.

For women, although eating is better than sleeping, it is important to eat.

Women need to raise liver and blood. Therefore, they should eat more foods that supplement blood and nourish yin, such as angelica, red dates, donkey-hide gelatin, and mutton soup.

2, women rely on sleep in sleep, men and women sleep every day is best to maintain about 8 hours.

Sleep is important for men and women, but women’s sleep quality is relatively poor due to personality and psychology.

Therefore, women need to sleep more.

A good night’s sleep helps women stay focused and happy, and they can maintain their skin.

In addition, you can drink some milk before going to bed, eat some oatmeal and other foods to help sleep; do not count the exercise 2 hours before going to bed, do not play mobile phone after 9 o’clock in the evening; do not stop for 6 hours in the evening sleep; rest for half an hour to one hour at noon during the daytime.

Second, men want to “cold raise”, women want to “heat up” research finds that women live in warm, sunny areas of women’s living places; men living in cool climates live longer.

In life, we will also find that men are “hot and strong”, afraid of heat; women are more afraid of cold.

Therefore, men must be “cold” and women should be “hot”.

1. When a man “cold” raises a male sauna or a hot water bath, the temperature is 37 °C?
41 ° C is appropriate, each time 15?
20 minutes.

Should also strive to “quit” long-term cycling or driving, love to wear tight jeans, long-term sitting in a loose sofa and other habits, have an impact on reproductive function.

2, women “hot” health before going to bed with hot water soaking feet, can relieve back pain and promote sleep.

Use warm water to prevent arthritis and gynecological diseases when doing housework.

Pay attention to adding clothing energy to protect the abdomen at any time, eat less cold, and eat cold food, so as not to be damaged by irregular menstruation and dysmenorrhea.

Third, men’s zinc supplementation, female calcium supplements for men and women’s nutritional needs are different.

The study found that women are most likely to lack calcium and iron, while men are prone to zinc deficiency.

The nutritionist said: age is 19?
For a 50-year-old woman, an average of 18 mg of iron per day is needed; under the ratio, a male supplement of 8 mg per day is enough.

Women before the age of 50 need to supplement 800 mg of calcium per day; after 50 years of age, they need 1000 mg or more.

1, male zinc supplementation for men, zinc is essential, will affect the secretion of androgen.

In normal excretion, men lose more zinc per day than women.

Eat a small amount of pine nuts every day, can supplement zinc, is good for brain and cardiovascular health; eat more zinc, pork liver, sesame, seafood and other zinc food.

Increasing the amount of daily activity, the serum zinc concentration will gradually increase.

2, female calcium women in the menstrual cramps, iron loss will accelerate; after menopause, due to hormonal changes, bone loss rate will also accelerate, therefore, women need iron and calcium.

Drink 250 grams of pure milk a day. This is the ideal way to make calcium. On sunny days, before 11 o’clock or after 15:00, sunbathe 15?
20 minutes; you can also eat iron, breast, salmon, animal liver, dark chocolate and other alternatives to iron food.
Fourth, the male stomach, the female brain man is not good, the stomach is injured.

Experts say that harmful substances that are eaten can damage the gastric mucosa, and the ratio of women to men, stomach ulcers, gastritis and other diseases are higher.

At the same time, the prevalence of female cognitive impairment is higher than that of males, and the trend is more obvious with age.

A North American study found that women with cognitive impairment had brain atrophy earlier than men.

Therefore, men should protect their stomachs more, and women should raise their brains.
1 male stomach to say goodbye to high-salt, high-oil diet; eat some pasta, millet porridge and bananas and other stomach foods; grab 5:00 in the morning?
7:00, 20:00 before going to bed?
21:00 two “golden voting” on the back of the bed.

2 female brains eat citrus fruits, rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, have the effect of improving memory and preventing brain cell damage.

Interest, good attitude, etc. are the “necessities” for raising the brain. Middle-aged and older women should pay more attention to cultivating hobbies, communicating with others and integrating into society.

Fifth, men practice strength, women practice flexibility For men, losing muscles loses the foundation of life.

If a man is unable to complete 10 push-ups after 40 years of age or 19 times in 30 seconds, the muscle strength is obviously insufficient.

The perfect combination of curves and softness makes women’s enviable body.

Practicing flexibility is the homework of a woman.

Therefore, men must practice strength, and women must practice flexibility.

1 male training strength middle-aged people can exercise on the upper arm, waist and abdomen, lower limb muscles, and focus on “breaking” the waist and abdomen.

Older people can do this by lifting the dumbbells to practice the upper limbs and practicing the lower limbs for a long time.

2 women practicing flexibility Although some people are inherently soft and not good, but the practice of the day after tomorrow is also very effective, it is not too late to be over 40 years old.

The simplest action is to sit cross-legged and exercise your legs and waist.

Always press the leg, but step by step, at first, the leg can only be lifted onto the bench and gradually raised to the chair and table.

Doing yoga can be both flexible and meditation.

Men rely on eating, women rely on sleep. Men and women are healthy, each has its own focus.

This is the most comprehensive men’s and women’s health key handbook, the key points of men’s and women’s health care are thoroughly revealed, after reading, choose the right way to maintain your health, live a hundred years of health!

Source: Health Circle Editor: Xiao Qiao Proofreader: Wang Chun