Beijing people’s art held a professional platform for the drama enthusiasts

Beijing human art held the masses of the masses.

(Beijing Human Charity) People’s Network Beijing December 13th (Yin Xingyun) December 11th to 12th, the seventh "payment and inheritance" of the People’s Arts theater, Beijing, played in Beijing The venue is held.

"Self-respecting and inheritance" is a comprehensive drama popularization activities integrating the drama counseling, drama performance, drama exchanges founded by the Beijing People’s Art Theater, aimed at participating in the drama, paying tribute to classics, inheriting the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation and Beijing is rigorous and meticulous, and strives to develop the spirit of art. After nearly half a year of preparation and selection, the masses of the masses have eventually selected four themes such as "Building a Century, Winter Olympics, Fighting Epidemics, and Classics", and has a total of eleven schools and units to be in Beijing. Show on the stage of human art.

The Beijing Arts and Art "pay tribute and inheritance" activities were held in 2015. As a public welfare position of Juyin as a public welfare position of the mass culture and the popularity of the drama, a professional display platform for more than a thousand drama enthusiasts. At the same time, it also attracted more drama artists and youth actors to participate in the popularization of drama, and harvested happiness in the process of teaching, and made progress.

Under the year-on year of "pay tribute and inheritance" activities, more and more schools and units join the masses of the drama exhibition team, the popularity of Beijing people’s artistic drama has also branched the branches.

In 2022, the People’s Art Theater will be welcoming the 70th anniversary of the construction of the hospital.

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