Washing your face like this will make your skin whiter and tenderer

Washing your face like this will make your skin whiter and tenderer

A survey of “types of women’s favorite cleansing products” shows that 32% of women like to use scrub cleansing products and feel that they are not cleaned without scrubbing; another 26% of women prefer soap-based cleansing products because they are very convenient to useLess than 17% of women like cream products, which are mild and non-irritating, but feel a little greasy; 65% of women have a soft spot for foaming cleansing products, because they feel refreshed after washing.

  In fact, most people do not choose the right cleansing product for themselves, and there are also different degrees of misunderstandings in the method of washing their faces.

Take a look at YES and NO below and adjust in time.

For perfect skin, start with cleansing.

  About cleansing NO NO “I am oily skin, the more the water over temperature can dissolve the oil on the skin surface.

“If the water temperature is too high or too low, it will cause great corrosion to the skin.

Super cold water can severely shrink pores, make it difficult to wash dirt, and easily dry and peel the skin. Excessive water may cause excessive expansion of blood vessels, loosen and shrink the skin, which will dissolve the natural sebum film on the skin surface, causing skin deficiencyWater tightens and accelerates aging.

  But if you wash your face alternately with hot and cold water, it is good for your skin.

The correct method is: first wet the skin with warm water, easily wash away the dust on the face, and open the pores, which is very conducive to deep skin cleansing; finally, wash the face with cold water. Cold water can enhance blood circulation and improve skin elasticity.

This method of alternately washing face with warm water and cold water can not only clean the skin, but also expand and contract the superficial blood vessels of the skin, which is beneficial to the facial skin care.

  Don’t “Always feel the bladder dirty, can’t help washing more than one face, and always keep it clean.

“A lot of people think that the more you wash your face, the cleaner your face gets.

In fact, the increase in the number of face washing will destroy the normal sebaceous gland secretion on the skin surface. Even for oily skin, do not wash the face more than 3 times a day. Excessive cleaning will easily destroy the natural protective film formed on the surface of the skin. The skin will secrete more oil fromMy protection will make my face oilier.

  NO “I like to use cleansing products with scrub particles. I feel clean every time I wash my face.

“Many girls choose cleansing products with scrub particles every day when they cleanse their face. They experience the feeling of thorough cleansing during the intense friction process. It is not known that scrubs will over-stimulate the epidermis through mechanical action, causing corneal cells on the surface of the skin to be damaged.From destruction to destruction, the damaged stratum corneum cells will transition to the cell division and proliferation of the basal layer, instead making the facial skin thicker.

  Do n’t “Use makeup remover, regardless of whether you apply makeup or not.

“The main ingredients of cleansing oils are oils and emulsifiers.

After using something like foundation, removing makeup with a cleansing oil becomes easy and thorough.

Although the cleansing oil has a deep cleansing effect on the skin, the rest of the people will have acne, inflammation and other unsuitable manifestations. This is mainly related to the more complex oily components of the cleansing oil. The oily components of the cleansing oil usually have the following types:Synthetic esters and vegetable oils.

Every time you cleanse, you must use makeup remover oil. It seems like a good habit of cleansing, but it is not.

In order to reduce the expected irritation to the skin, it is better to use makeup remover when the makeup is stronger.

If you must use it every day, then you must choose a cleansing oil that suits your skin, and then clean it with a cleansing product.

  Don’t “how can the dirt in the pores not be cleaned, wipe it with a cleansing sponge and wash it thoroughly.

“The role of the face wash sponge is to create a rich foam, allowing the foam to fully contact the skin, and the dirt in the pores.

Use a cleansing sponge up to twice a week.

Otherwise, after years of “rubbing”, the skin will become rougher.

  About cleansing

  Yes, “Foam Cleansing Cleaner” cleans the skin directly with fine and rich foam, which can relieve skin irritation and avoid allergies. It is indeed a good cleansing choice.

So when choosing foam cleansing products, is the richer foam better?

In fact, it is not necessarily.

The key is to look at the quality of the foam.

High-quality foam products should be delicate and textured, and the foam will not burst in a short time, so that it can nourish the skin and maintain moisture at the same time.

  Yes, “Special eye make-up products should be selected for eye make-up removal.” Eye skin is very fragile. Only by replacing mild make-up products can the irritation of the soft skin around the eyes be eliminated.

Makeup remover is an excellent helper for makeup removal. Many people use makeup remover to remove eye makeup in order to save time.

If tar-like stains such as mascara and eyeliner are not completely removed, they will penetrate into the skin together with the oil, causing the skin around the eyes to be dull.

Therefore, a special makeup remover for the eyes must be needed to completely remove the makeup marks.

  YES “A cleansing cream cannot be used throughout the year” Girls who care for themselves will not use only one cleansing cream throughout the year.

In spring and autumn, dust constantly increases, the temperature fluctuates, and due to the decline in immunity, skin is prone to allergies. At this time, products with no additives and anti-inflammatory effects should be selected.
In summer, the temperature rises, the oil is not balanced, and it feels oily at both ends. Choose a refreshing product with oil control effect.
Under the cold temperature conditions in winter, winter cleansers should choose mild and moisturizing ingredients. Generally, cream products are used, and cleansing gels with strong oil-removing ingredients should be used as little as possible or not.

  It is “cleansing + massage, the effect is more outstanding” Many people think that the cleansing process is simply to remove dirt. In fact, if you add a massage method to the face washing process, you can achieve unexpected results while removing dirt.

Massage and wash your face with the lymphatic line can effectively prevent the face from puffing, tightening the face lines and preventing hardening.

  Melon face creation plan: 1.

Pass the soft massage granules on the massage pad and use a lighter force to massage the part you want to lose fat.


Massage up and down, can eliminate horny, and can accelerate the mandibular lymph circulation.