True horror,It is also no wonder that the world will be willing to endure him.。

Liao Wenjie stands in the corner,Looking at the following battle and shaking his head,Feeling,Raiders skills with hoisting half-hanging,The two big men in the wind can see the ghosts with peace.。
it’s good now,One movement,The account of the wind was counted.,It’s simply moving the stones.,Nothing to get it to find trouble。
For Conci this woman……
Big brother doesn’t say two brothers,As a very self-known slag man,Liao Wenjie never despised Kongci’s love,No one has no left to hold the old dream。
She likes to collect the brothers.,Who has a cream、cloud、Wind three blueme bamboo horses,Will collect the burst,Three people。
Liao Wenji is the Raiders Skills of Kongci Bucket,It is not enough to be beautiful.,She still lacks a lot of practical experience,Otherwise, starting a business, the middle of the sea,Can only take the tragic grass。
This is not an opening hometown,This is the opening。
Heart silence,Look at the two people who fight,Liao Wenjie is another shite。
Imagination,Fengshen legs are not as good as the cloud,Strong sense of strength,The steps of suffering and vessels are far from the heart of Nie Feng.,Two strong hands,Nie Feng can only rely on the speed of god.,As the skill gradually consumes,The victory is launched to the clouds。
Discuss,The same two hardships,Liao Wenjie prefer Nie Feng,Because in the miserable situation,The encounter of steps is more wronged,So every time I encounter his plot,Liao Wenjie is jumping。
no way,It is really a story of the clouds that have exceeded the concept of tragic.,I went to the honestyla and I can learn about it.。
Sword law,Unknown Master,Tragedy,Unkamed is a brother。
Of course,Liao Wenjie likes Nie Feng and a more important reason,Rheumatism is black straight。 It may be a horrified cloud that is moving to the old days.,Tragedy in the two groups,Stepping is no hand,Rapida gives the unicorn arm,Nie Feng has no eye,Rapida arranged an eye mask。
Nie Feng in the field‘Wind roll’Rotary rotation,Sword weapons that are scattered in the mad wind roll,Chemoimed the roaring wind dragon。
Stepping is a trick‘Tearful’Phase resistance,Gettingarted just softly,Hazhong Bao Tao,Falling palms,The violent palm is enough to tear open。
Roar,Campus ground crack spider web gap,Stepping and Nie Feng standing between smoke,Hand-legged integrity。
“Don’t hit,Don’t hit!”
Kongci station in a pear flower belt,I am quite regret in my heart.,She just wants to always love the wind,But I didn’t expect my own behavior that I have deeply hurt two people.。
See you who can’t divide the red eye,Kongcissic face to see his father,Don’t want,Within line,Magnimension,Three points of God fingers ready to go,The target is a step-shocking cloud that is working with Nie Feng.。
certainly,It may also be aimed at two people.,I want to kill the hidden dangers together.。
“do not want————”
Kong Chad Eye,I don’t want to think,Standing in front of the wind,Striped by three points,The corner of the mouth is soft and fell down.。
Biller smiles stiff,Wood is like in place。
Qin Shuang turned over the eye,Spurious……Almost piring,A bite of blood spit out,Double knees tears。
At the time of the horror of the wedding scene,He has an ominous expectant,finally,Tragedy still appears。
The wind in an angry,In vivo, intimate internal force,One side vomiting blood,On the side of the hole。
Some legs soft Nie Feng,The attitude of the attitude has been collapsed.,I changed back to the loneliness of no one.,He hugged Kongci,Crying that called a heart-hearted lung,Asked about the puzzle of the heart。
Kongci slowly closed eyes“it’s me……Innocent……I thought it was married him.,Can be with you……”
Stepping, grief,Causes more injuries in the body,Even with vomiting blood falling on the wedding dress。
“Go away!!”
Billy transiently rushing to Kongci,One foot is shocked,Winning the hole,See the love female heart has been broken,The black hair from the uncomfortable old is a gray meaning.。
This battle,No winner。
Stepping,Continuously grabbing the palm of the foot,All are sold out of the spirit of hegemony。
One time,It is not a serious injury every full.,Let the soldiers of the world do not know what,Not leave,Leaving more。