Slowly on the way, Li Hui and Zhao Xiaoli have also talked a lot.。

Even the pig farm is handed over to Zhao Xiaoli, and Zhao Xiaoli is also said.。
Zhao Xiaoshan is now sold in the county house.,Then change a bigger。
A small couple who originally quarreled,I don’t quarrel now.。
Everything about all is Li Hui Feng.。
“breeze,Our family is actually good, thank you.,Is there nothing,If you want a scorpion,The scorpion is also willing,After all, there is no you.,The marriage of the hill may be finished.。”
“And my sister,It is impossible to come back.,She has always been strong,I am not relieved in the character outside.,Very likely to be bullied by the bad people。”
“As for my uncle,In fact, you have done enough.,If you really think it is difficult,You can refuse,The scorpion really doesn’t bare you.。”
Although Zhao Xiaoli said so,But your hands are tight.。
Li Hui also can feel that the other party may tremble because it is too powerful.。
The same, did he also know how to refuse。
“Scull,Since I promised,Fane will do,But you have to give me some time.。”
Chapter 1,888 Zhang Erzhuang’s calculation
Li Hui Hui also does not know why the ghost will say such a word.。
But it is very obvious that Zhao Xiaoli is excited.。
When I am coming to the village,Li Hui Feng also quickly reminding each other。
“Scull,Let’s go back to the village.,You will be misunderstood。”
Say,Zhao Xiaoli also released Li Hui。
And Li Hui is directly sent to the door to the door.。
Just arrived at home,Li Hui also saw the official Liu Dafu to see the dress.。
Seeing Liu Dafu is also tie,Li Hui is also a glimpse with Zhao Xiaoli.。
Liu Dafu did not expect Zhao Xiaoli today.,Think of Zhang Erzheng to the head of yourself,Also said,He feels that he must go tonight.,If you don’t want to lose。
“Where are you going??”
Zhao Xiaoli is also a wrinkled。
“Hey-hey,I am going to talk to the second to talk about a little business.,Soon, it will come back.。”
Where to talk?”
For Liu Dafu, it is still aware of Zhao Xiaoli.。
She directly from the car,Before Liu Dafu,Snake a perfume of ancient dragon well。