At this moment Leo is holding a small bottle in his hand,This bottle is smaller than the oral liquid bottle that I drank in the previous life,But the bottle is filled with some almost solidified transparent liquid。

“This is the special super-large life essence that Tianlong people usually drink?”
just now,Leo and Troangoth sing black faces and white faces,I finally deceived some of these super-large life essences from those stupid Celestials。
Just two of these little things use up the quota of a monster。
In other words,A small liquid is already worth six or seven billion,This is still the standard price from Tianlongren,If put in the market,I’m afraid it will double。
“I didn’t expect it to be so smooth this time!”The dozen or so special super large life essences of Trang,Can’t help feeling。
He used to be inferior to the Tianlong people,But now I can talk in front of the Tianlong people。
This is the status?
“It went too smoothly,Could it be that Tianlong people’s brains have been degraded more and more over the years?This kind of trick can lead them to release such good things?”
Seun felt a little weird,This is a good thing that can cultivate top-notch experts。
It’s completely different from the life essence of Da Xing,The large life essence is at best to train a lieutenant general。
Individuals with top talents can become strong in the sea。
But this super large life essence,As long as the talent is not too bad,Can easily cultivate strong people。
Strong man,That is the existence that can fight against the general level master,This kind of existence,That can threaten the rule of Daotianlongren。
“Who knows what those Tianlong people are thinking,A few little monsters make them so crazy!”Trang’s face was full of disdain。