Chapter one hundred and fifty order

This person who suddenly appeared,He is more than half a head taller than Lu Menglin,Big waist round,The whole body has clear muscle lines,Have a nearly perfect figure and look。
Every human female who saw him,Can’t help but make a soft voice,And then reached out to cover his mouth。
Loved,Loved!Really love!
Because of this mysterious man,Have all the perfect conditions for reverie,Handsome face,Mighty figure,Mysterious identity,These all have fatal attraction to the opposite sex。
“Sorry,I’m late!Just now there are some minor problems to be solved below。”The mysterious man nodded at Lu Menglin,Actually blinked,Showed a naughty smile like a girl。
Lu Menglin laughed,Smile to him like a sunny face。
This person in front of me,exactly,This perfect body once belonged to a man named Bro Longye,He was once the strongest enemy Lu Menglin has ever encountered,Possess the terrifying power of being strong。
later,After Brolong was also defeated,Soul is dead,The body was placed in the alien battleship by Lu Menglin,Evolve into a perfect body,Provide basic energy for warships。
And at the moment,The soul that controls this divine body,But it’s not Bro Long,But Lu Menglin’s righteous sister,She may be the most powerful spiritual master in human history,Kasuga Hako。
This is Lu Menglin’s entire plan to deal with the leader of the dark dragon.,He really has something to do!
There are two long metal hoses inserted behind Brolongya’s divine body,Those two tubes are connected to the power core source of this alien warship,Output the maximum power of the light pattern energy to the body of Broron Ye with the smallest transmission loss。
And the real body of Kasuga Hakoko,Lying quietly in the bottom cabin。
When this divine body full of light-stripe energy appeared,The leader of the dark dragon finally realized that his end was coming,It doesn’t dare to face two powerful human races at the same time in a defensive state,Especially the body of one of them is full of light energy,That is the natural enemy nemesis of the Dark Race。
and so,This dark dragon leader can only attack,Desperate attack,Its fighting instinct tells itself,The situation has completely reversed,Only kill one of the two human masters in the fastest time,I have a chance to survive。
In a flash,The leader of the dark dragon rushed to the two of them,Its fist the size of a bulldozer burst out with lightning like thunder,Blasted towards Lu Menglin with all his strength,Vow to smash this enemy into mud with one blow。
obviously,In its battle consciousness judgment,This human race powerhouse who has only one breath left,Obviously easier to kill。
It subconsciously wants to avoid the guy who is full of light energy。
It is a pity,Its judgment,Also in Lu Menglin’s prediction。