“do not,Letter,Don’t look at me like this!”

I don’t know if it belongs to the sixth sense of single-celled organisms,Still belongs to the unique intuition of the Galaxy Force Super Warrior,When Ge Xiaolun saw the change in Xin Zhao’s face,The whole person feels an inexplicable fear,Then grab Xin Zhao’s hand,Directly release,And then ran far away。
“I say Xin Zhao,What’s wrong with you,Could it be that you changed your hobby,Sex: Male,Hobby male?”Lena’s eyes are full of excitement~Passionate,Watching the interaction between Xin Zhao and Ge Xiaolun,She suddenly felt that these two are actually in love!
For Lena,Xin Zhao said that if he can beat her,,We must let her know what the dignity of a man is。
Reality is,Xin Zhao acts directly from the heart。
“Big sister head,I’m so loyal to you,Silver Gun White Horse Zhao Xiaoxin,I’m talking about it!”
The boast of Xin Zhao,Don’t say Rena doesn’t believe it,Even if it’s two beautiful women, Qilin and Qiangwei,It also means that I have seen through Xin Zhao’s heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys,His body has been named‘cheap’’S temperament is fully occupied。
“All right,Do not talk nonsense,How did you get this guy,When he came back just now,Like I complained about bombing with shells,What’s going on,So I just said it was your idea,You won’t be angry?”
Lena said,I like to watch Xin Zhao want to hit me,But I have to endure。
For Lena’s evil taste,Xin Zhao feels she has changed,It’s no longer the cute and cute goddess。
“I have another idea,Do you want to listen?”For Lena,Xin Zhao said this is his own charged baby,Treat it well,Shane loses his temper and doesn’t charge himself,In trouble。
“Do you burn this idea??”
“Very burnt!”
“Not cheap?”
“Not cheap!”
“Not cheap,That doesn’t work!you know!”
‘I don’t want to understand,Who made Lena like this?,Where did that cute second guy go before?,Now this guy whose heart is darkened,Definitely not my goddess!’The above is just Xin Zhao’s fantasy。