Test your resilience

Test your resilience

My mother found your bank statement in formaldehyde and called to ask why you spent more than you earned?

Your answer will be: As long as I like what I like, I don’t count the price. The moment I buy it, I feel particularly satisfied.

  B I’ll call you later. The car is about to cross the tunnel. The signal is not good.

  C I just fell in love and want to compensate myself a little.

  Test result: A, you are a quick-thinking person.

Your speaking skills are the weapons you use to achieve your goals.

You do n’t have to prepare before, and you can come back smartly.

You are as good as self and confident.

What’s more, your relative tit-for-tat, in addition to showing your agility and vitality, also allows the other party to find any opportunity for rebuttal, which can only be favored.

Your next effort is to try to reduce the tone or aggressiveness of words, add more sense of humor and the charmingness of the girl, and don’t let the other party be intimidated by your strength.

Let them not only be afraid of being defeated but also like to confront you. Isn’t this the little trick that modern little women want to master most?

  B, you are a thoughtful person.

If someone is stingy when talking to you, you will stutter immediately.

It was futile to scold him for a fight.

The improvisation of a eloquent speaker is not your strength, but once you give you enough time to mature your thinking, you will become indestructible and will absolutely make the other person speechless, but sometimes it is too late!

Even if you have a lot of truth after the fact, it will not reflect your wisdom.

Don’t think that immature and imperfect sentences mean lack of standard. What is important is that you must respond in an instant.

With language carving, just slowly improve through repeated practice!

  C, you are a slow responder.

You are a bit shy and you don’t have enough confidence in yourself.

Facing scenes that require quick response, you can only have some vague concepts in your head, but lack the courage and speed to speak out, so it is difficult to form a confrontation with you.

In fact, you may have an unusually active inner world that others don’t expect, but you don’t know if you have the ability to compete with others.

If you want to train your courage, start by debating with the people around you. It can be a mother or a good friend.

After launching, no matter who you are on, you will be the one with the sharpest teeth.