What do the elderly eat to protect the heart in winter?

What do the elderly eat to protect the heart in winter?

When people are old, their functions in all aspects of the body will decline, and many chronic diseases will come to the door.

In the winter, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are high, especially to protect the heart.

So, what is good for the elderly to protect their hearts in the winter?

  1, the fruit is not good for the elderly, you can eat more fiber, potassium-rich foods, such as apples, bananas, cherries and other fruits, in addition to supplementing the body enough fiber, good for human heart and muscle functionIn addition to lowering the incidence of blood pressure, it can also reduce the effect of weight.

  2, cereals and cereals contain a lot of cellulose, which can effectively reduce low-density cholesterol and prevent hardening of blood vessels.

In the diet of the elderly, especially coarse grains should be added, such as bread made of gluten-free flour, brown flour, oats and so on.

  3, vegetables and leafy vegetables provide fiber, vitamins and trace elements for the elderly.

Eating more vegetables in the elderly can help lower cholesterol in the blood and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular sclerosis. Bright vegetables are not only rich in trace elements, vitamins and fiber, but also contain antioxidant biotin, which can help the elderly to lower blood fat and prevent hardening of the arteries.To maintain the health of the body and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

  4, algae mushroom, kelp, fungus, seaweed and other bacteria algae food contains a variety of trace elements, fiber, vitamins and antioxidant biotin, can help the elderly to lower blood lipids, prevent cholesterol hardening, avoid cell tissue aging, prevent cancer.

  5, beans and legumes contain a lot of plant protein, lipids and fiber that are good for heart health. The elderly replace soy with soy products, which can reduce saturated fat in the body, help reduce cholesterol in the body and prevent cardiovascular hardening.Protect your heart.