Staying up late gains weight and is prone to excessive disease

Staying up late gains weight and is prone to excessive disease

Eating more and sleeping more has been considered by the Chinese as the root cause of excess. Some young people try to reduce their sleep time while controlling their diet. They believe that sleeping less, the stomach and the stomach have less time to absorb food, and they must lose weight.

But, is this the truth?


hzh{display:none;}  与每晚睡眠时间为七到九个小时的人相比,那些每天晚上只睡四个小时的人体重超重的可能性会增加73%,睡五个小时的人会An increase of 50% and a six-hour sleep increase of 23%.

Studies have shown that people who lack sleep have higher levels of appetite-promoting factors.

  If you can only sleep for 4 hours a day, the human blood sugar concentration will continue to rise, and the direct consequence of the rise in blood sugar will be diabetes and obesity.

In addition, the alkaloid content in the body is also high, a series of substances can cause overeating, causing the body to absorb too much and gain weight.

  ”Rich disease” Staring at the over-nourishment of people in the workplace is the primary cause of “rich disease” in the workplace. You eat too well, sit too much, and move too little.

With the improvement of living standards, high-speed and high-feces foods account for a large proportion. When traveling by car, physical activity is reduced, and workplace employees are prone to gain weight.

Coupled with bad lifestyles such as entertainment, tobacco and alcohol, staying up late, etc., can easily lead to metabolic disorders in the human body, and the “rich and noble disease” often begins to appear at the age of 30.

  Statistical analysis found that men had the highest levels of triglycerides in hypertension, followed by overweight and auntie liver.