Beautiful China "Jiangxi Wisdom" and 2017 Head Media Jiangxi

Recommend Nanfeng 2017, Jiangxi, interview group, went into Jiangxi South Feng County Party Committee Secretary "Millennium Culture" People’s Net Nanyu November 12 (Qin Haifeng, season) "is the most beautiful scenery Point of gold! Nanfeng County has so far has 1760, including honey oranges, Nanfeng County has gave birth to ‘five millennium culture’.

"On the 11th," Beautiful China Jiangxi Wisdom "2017 He integrates the Media Jiangxi Interview with Nanfeng County, and Wu Zisheng, secretary of the county party committee, to introduce the" Millennium Culture "in Nanfeng County in Near 30 Media Reporters and Network.

Millennium tribute Nanfeng honey orange: More than 1700 years of cultivation history is exported to more than 40 countries and regions "Nanfeng honey orange has a history of cultivation in more than 1700 years, with ‘pneumophone, juicy, more salty, sweet acid, sweet acid, Nutrition rich ‘is famous for its home and abroad.

Wu Zhaowa said … 2017 行 行 行 团 团 团 问题 委 委 委 委 委 委 委 解 解 解 解 解 解 解 解 解 解 解 解 解 解 解 解 解 解 解 解 电 解 解 解 解 解 解 电 电 解What is the effectiveness of the tourism development of Nanfeng? "" Nanfeng honey orange is in quality, what is good practices? " "" Come to Nanfeng Tight, what is the recommended tourist route recommendation? " "… On the 11th," Beautiful China Jiangxi Wisdom "2017 Media Jiangxi South Strong Station Media Symposium Iolura and other leaders have one answer to this.

Q: In recent years, "Tracar + Tourism" has promoted the development of Nanfeng’s domain tourism, what is the achievement of harvest? What are the next steps? Wu Zhaowa, Secretary Nanfeng County Party Committee: In recent years, we have mainly through the development of "orange garden", through high starting point planning, high-quality promotion project construction, high standards improve the service system, all-round promotion marketing …