Beijing Fangshan: Pay attention to the water environment quality in flood season increases the sampling detection frequency

In the flood season, the law enforcement personnel of the Fangshan District Ecological Environment Bureau inspected the sewage factory into the river drain.

(Fangshan Ecological Environment Bureau for Figure) People’s Network Beijing On July 21 (Yin Xingyun) entered the flood season, after the heavy rainfall, the water level of the river rose, pollutants rushed into the river or sewage overflow, all affecting water quality Important factors.

As the Shanshan District, the capital of the capital, the water network is densely built. Since the period, the Fangshan District has increased the river inspection, sampling detection, combined with high-tech means such as automatic monitoring equipment, and strive to find possible pollution sources in the first time to ensure the water quality of the river Stabilize the standard.

There are 10 sampling staff in the Mount Fangshan Ecological Environment Bureau, more than 200 points on the rivers, and more than 100 points of the sewage treatment plant and key companies rely on them.

In the first phase of the Wenxiang Satellite City Wastewater Treatment Plant, the staff took the water, bottled, label … "100,000 tons of life sewage every day from which the tributary river of Xiaoqing River is, if this is not Living, Xiaoqing River will definitely pollute.

"The staff introduced.

Now, the hard sampling work has also been helped by automatic monitoring equipment. On a cross-river bridge, the staff refers to the bridge, the new equipment consisting of up and down water, solar panels, and automatic analyzers is already in place, "It is fast! You can take it once every hour, very fast The test results are possible.

If someone seshes in the river, I can find it for the first time.

"According to reports, Fangshan District has now built 39 automatic monitoring equipment, distributed in major rivers and enters the river, data can be synchronized to the Beijing Ecological Environment Bureau.

After the sampling work, the staff sent the sample to the laboratory and tone tones after completing the handover.

Ten inspections immediately test samples, detect various indicators such as chemical oxygen demand, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, total nitrogen in water, "The fastest 2 hours can produce results, and it will be reported for half a day.

If the data is abnormal is found, it will be reported immediately.

"The relevant person in charge introduces that the test personnel are also very hard and flood season, as the number of samples increases, often works to the middle of the night.

In order to further improve the quality of water in the farming, the Fangshan District Ecological Environment Bureau fully enhances inspection and inspection, and fully discovery, monitoring and tracing the sources of all into the river, and finding the countermeasures, and conducts water quality analysis by monitoring data. To find specific questions, strive to make the water quality in the flood season better.

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