Tianjin vigorously creates integrity business environment to help international consumer center city construction

Original title: "Integrity Management Commitment Store" column records more than 1,000 reporters learned from Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Commerce that in order to create a good integrity business environment, help whole-civilized cities, international consumer center cities and regional commerce cities urban construction, Municipal Commerce Bureau The Municipal Civilization Office organized the "Integrity Management Commitment Store" activity in the city.

It is understood that all regional business executives and relevant industry associations have been approved for the application of enterprises in 2021, and 451 stores are included in the third batch of directory. At the same time, the first two batches of "integrity management commitment store" have been reviewed. Due to the faction, closed stores, not made credit commitments, etc., 1 stored stores after completing the credit repair, after completing the credit repair Recarted in the list.

After further approved, confirmation, eventually produced a directory of "Integrity Management Commitment Store", with a total of 1052 companies enter the list. According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, after continuous exploration, scientific planning, the city’s "integrity management commitment store" activities gradually formed "1 + 10 + N" model, namely: 1 comprehensive credit commitment, 10 industry participation, N Sub-items support, and explore the "Enterprise Application, Credit Check, Selected Recommendation, Announcement, Typical Display, Dynamic Management" a set of workflows.

The relevant associations in this city relies on the "integrity promotion month" and "quality month" activities, and vigorously creates the honesty atmosphere of "honesty and prostitute and falsehood". The city’s catering industry has issued seven initiatives to the city’s catering enterprises, showing the good image of Tianjin International Consumer Metropolitan Catering Industry; City Department Store Business Association requires membership enterprises to set up special quality, prices Management department, responsible for guidance, inspection, implementation of the quality, price, measurement management and intellectual property protection of the whole audience, inspection, implementation of "three no", counterfeit and shoddy and other unqualified goods, regulating business behavior from the source, Guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of consumers; the city dyeing industry association takes the lead in carrying out the customer service toiletries throughout the 37-washing stores in Tianjin "Integrity Management Commitment Store".

(Reporter Ma Mingxi, edited) (Editor: Tang Xinyi, Wang Hao) Sharing let more people see.