Qiu County has advanced "three creation four construction" to promote high quality development of social economy

In the early summer, I entered Qiu County, urban and rural areas, showing a scene of the world.In the countryside, 8 am, at 6 pm, accompanied by a crisp speaker broadcast, the village cleaning staff opened the garbage truck, starting the garbage collection of garbage, ensuring the day of life.Yun, inadvertently; rural cadres enter the field of field, and is planning to develop and tend to develop the village collective economy.In the city, artificial scan, machinery cleaning, to maintain the city’s clean and tidy image; enthusiastic volunteers dressed in red vest, wearing a small red hat, walk on the street, contribute to the maintenance of the traffic.

In the western industrial zone, machine roar, 35 key projects are all started construction; the package cadres enter the subcontracting enterprises, send policies, send services, point-to-point, and help companies to solve problems, and help their complex processes.

Since this year, Qiu County has carried out the "three creations and four construction" activities as the leader of the 2020 work, adhering to the prevention of epidemic prevention and "three creations and four construction" activities, pretension, rapid deployment, and improve the mechanism, Grab the implementation, fully promote the new era of entrepreneurial new city, and resident of Qiu County has achieved new results. Efficient can accelerate the driver, and innovate and start well.

In terms of technological innovation, Qiu County further polish "National Food Industry Qiang County" sign, relying on China Food Fermentation Industry Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences, the introduction of key field technology, speed up the construction of large health food industrial parks and food testing center, leading food Industrial innovation upgrades.

Actively cultivate innovative entities, implement high-tech enterprise cultivation projects and technology SMEs multiplied plan, have reported 43 scientific and medium-sized enterprises, organized Cumber food, Runs agriculture, and Willibang wood industry and other 7 enterprises to declare high-tech enterprises. Promoting the implementation of scientific and technological indicators. In terms of employment entrepreneurship, increase the support of entrepreneurial guaranteed loans, incorporate employed difficulties, demobilized retired soldiers into entrepreneurial guarantee loans, incorporate e-commerce and other new states into entrepreneurial guarantee loans and post-affordable support range, reduce small micro Enterprise entrepreneurship guarantee loan application conditions; the individual entrepreneur is given up to 150,000 yuan, and small and micro enterprises have a startup guarantee loan for up to 3 million yuan. Since this year, 4050,000 entrepreneurial guarantees have been issued to 41 initial entrepreneurs.

Provide laborers to the laborer more than 70 jobs in employment. Vigorously cultivated "Enterprise" public space, this year has realized 1744 new urban employment. High standards and coordinated, three cities and create a joint efforts. Qiu County is striving for the standard, refined and decomposes the evaluation index to create evaluation indexes by item by item, and further improve the special programs of each Chuangcheng to ensure the institutionalization, standardization, and long-term operation of civilized cities, health cities, forest cities.

The forest city is created, actively carrying out the "Green Meiqiu County" attacking actions, implementing the "seven" afforestation projects of "one network one-gallery, a batch of one-point", complete the spring afforestation. In terms of the establishment of provincial-level ecological garden county, Qiu County is listed as the first provincial-level ecological garden county pilot county, focusing on the implementation of Botanical Garden construction, New Town West Road Green, Pingne Park and Shengshui Park improved the eight major projects, and strive to create Management is in place, design specifications, complete greening, and fully equipped ecological garden patterns.

Create an provincial civilized county, Qiu County will break more than 80 points of order on a monthly decomposition, and increase supervision inspection. Accelerate the construction of the civilized practice center in the new era, promote the creation of civilized civilized units, 12 city-level civilized campuses and 7 municipal civilized campuses. In September 2019, Qiu County’s national health county creation work passed the technical assessment and acceptance, in 2020, will consolidate a special activity in the national health county creating achievements as the "three creation four construction" activities, implementing key advancement, consolidating and expanding results.

In the county urban area, "three eliminated sweep" operations, carry out the "five-clear four net" activities in the country, standardize 217 food industry, and 356 quantitative grades of catering units. High quality all-in-law, economic construction and speeding speed.

Building a modern economy system, improve the leading cadres package mechanism, go deep into the first line to send policies, send services, send funds, point-to-peer, things to solve problems, and form a strong atmosphere of the whole society, support, participation in project construction. During the epidemic, use the telephone, WeChat, video conference, etc., strengthen the docking link, take online signing, fax signing, etc. .

Building a first-class business environment system, promoting the "two concentrations, two lowerings" reform, and plans to submit 82 cases of approval service, revise the process of improving online approval service, government service matters online can operate 97%, government procurement business online can operate online 100%. Maximize corporate financing needs, for Huili cotton industry, etc. Implement the government’s linkage mechanism, find the zombie corporate creditor debt situation, and formulate one enterprising disposal measures, all into the judicial procedure, and safely promote disposal. Construction of urban and rural integration high-quality development system, accelerate the construction of ecological water network, and dredge the extensive river canal 65 178 kilometers, build 14 water storage gates, and Yangshui Station 15.

Promoting the construction of the first or two-three-generation integration development, built 2 provincial, 1 city, 5 county-level agricultural parks, successfully created "Qiu County Honey Red Potato" "Oriental Wisdom Tree Qiu County Wen Fruit" two areas Public brand. Accelerate the development of developing developments, focus on improving New Matou Town Turning, Qiu Chengshi Mu, Xiangcheng Finishing Fungus, Liang Erzhuang Crown Fruit, Ancient City Yingli Roof, Nanxin Shop, Chencheng Meat Coats, etc. "One Township, One Village Industry" special industry brand is basically formed. High requirements are constructed, and the social governance system is improved.

Start the construction of the rural governance system to build a model county, strengthen the people’s mediation organization and team construction, and improve the third-level mediation network.

At present, the county has built 239 people’s mediation committees at all levels, 1029 specialist mediator, 118 contradiction disputes, and 91 contradictions and disputes were found, 91 were mediated. Continue to promote the creation of "six hundred" Ping An Village (community), the county has created 191 villages (communities), and the standard ratio is 85%.

Implementing innovation, "Hutong, the long, the corridor" mechanism Ability and level.

(Editor: Chen Si, Shi Jianzhong).