098 Red sports car

Yu Ge folded the piece of paper in half and put it in his handbag,“Let’s go,Big companies are like this,Are more arrogant,pretty good,Not too much,Don’t care about who’s feelings,Just do the job well。”
Xia Shuyue is behind the song,Go outside,Whisper,“This is too cold。”
“It’s not cold anymore,It’s great for Manager Wu to meet us,We are a big company,Just get this treatment,Small companies can only deal with the front desk,Impossible to see the leadership。”
“It’s that simple,This is already done by us?”Xia Shuyue asked curiously。
Yu Ge shook his head,“Haha,Is not,To bid,There are about three or four companies competing together,We are just a company eligible to participate in the bidding。”
“Oh,So。”Xia Shuyue actually feels that following Yu Ge this time will not help,Didn’t talk about anything,Didn’t learn anything。
Yu Ge seemed to see through her mind,Go on,“Why i called you today,I just want you to be familiar,Although Manager Wu is arrogant,But the memory is very good,He saw you,Will remember you,I guess your connections are average。”
Xia Shuyue nodded and admitted,“Correct,I have no contacts,I don’t know anyone except my classmates,The customers I know are all shrimp soldiers,No manager,It’s just a coincidence to know Zhang Siwei。”
“It’s ok,Don’t be discouraged,I was just like you at first,Mainly because the company I work for is bigger,More people slowly,I started to know a few people,This company was also recommended by a friend,My friend knows something about Manager Wu。”
Already outside,Xia Shuyue said sincerely,“Thank you for taking me with you,Sincere。”
“Too polite,Actually nothing,if you are willing to,Can design this ad with me。”
“I?”Xia Shuyue knows very well that she only knows a little about design,Shaking head,“Forget it,Not only can i not help you,Maybe even mess with you,I don’t know anything。”
“But I designed it alone,Still quite boring。”Yu Ge said。
“I’m with you,I can only pour tea for you,Do some chores。”
“in fact,Advertising Design,It’s really not necessarily technical,The main thing is inspiration,Sometimes inspiration comes in a moment,I think you can try。”Yu Ge persuades。
At this time, an eye-catching red sports car stopped on the side of the road,Xia Shuyue looked over unconsciously,The door opened,Down a coquettish woman,With heavy makeup,Wearing a very short tight skirt。
Xia Shuyue immediately avoided her eyes,Turn around and walk aside,Sister Na leaned her right elbow on her waist,Hang the other hand,Came over enchantingly,Yin and yang cried out,“Yo,I caught Xiaobaiface so soon?Not bad,have a future!”
Xia Shuyue pulled Yu Ge’s sleeve,“let’s go,Ignore her。”