In the second ring,Her opponent is a puppet made purely of metal,is called‘Death puppet’,This is a fearless soul attack,A special artifact that cannot be attacked by the soul。The end that Cecilia is facing is a mid-level artifact-level death puppet。

Of course it’s the middle level artifact,But you don’t fear death in battle,The defense is also amazing,The threat is much stronger than a mid-level god with a high-level artifact。Such a mid-level artifact-level death puppet,If you buy a few high-level artifacts at the highest price in hell。
But under Cecilia’s attack,Still no resistance,Easily destroyed。
After passing the second ring,Melville also gave Cecilia a reward—High-level artifacts that can be selected,Cecilia also happily took away a high-level artifact-level scimitar—For her,There is indeed a lack of a suitable weapon,Ordinary artifacts are too weak for him。
Although it is a high-level artifact,Not as strong as Cecilia’s scales,But it’s more comfortable to use weapons。
And the enemy of the third ring is an upper god—-And it’s not a refinement,But independent as a god,A powerful upper god。
fortunately,This upper god cultivates the rules of destruction,The destruction rule is not very strong in soul attacks。
Cecilia attacked,The first sword cut off the weapon in the hands of this upper god and severely wounded it,Even if the opponent is backing fast,And Cecilia stays still,The second knife also cut off his body。
Then Lord Melville directly judged the outcome。
Cecilia didn’t directly enter the fifteenth floor,But waiting for Wright。Melville did not expel。
But for Wright,These three stages are better to pass。Cecilia also needs to worry that the other party is good at soul attacks,But he has no shortcomings。
First round,One shot。
The second round,One shot。
Third Ring,Still a shot。If it weren’t for Wright to deliberately attack non-lethal places,You don’t even need Melville to judge the outcome。