Xiao Fan can’t laugh or cry:“That’s Yoona,You are you,Make no mistake。”

“Brother-in-law,Would you just give me some dog food??”
“move,Talk nonsense。”Xiao Fan rushes people,After turning off the multimedia equipment, I plan to go back to the office and have a good rest。
Li Shuqi’s brain turned,Brainstorm:“Brother-in-law,Did you know someone confessed to Xiaoqin??”
Xiao Fan frowned slightly:“I know,Liang Bing。”
“I go,You know this as well,It seems Xiaoqin is really strict in her husband,But brother-in-law,Do you want to secretly get rid of this rival?”
“.”Xiao Fan doesn’t know what messy books Li Shuqi usually reads,“If you go to jail,Yoona will be very sad。”
“I mean let my roommate give up completely。”Li Shuqi smiled cunningly,Like a fox,“Sister Xiaoqin lied to him because Bo Yi,But sooner or later my roommate will find out that Xiaoqin is a graduate student,The difference between the two of them is not too big,Plus Xiaoqin is so likable,If you get stalked.”
“Name crossed out,Deal。”
Tie Bone Zheng Zheng Wang Jingze,Swear not to name Xiao Fan。
Li Shuqi silently made up for Xiao Fan’s words:“I am Xiao Fan,Just dead,Die this!I will never accept your bribe!”
Really fragrant。
Students of the School of Journalism,Every day, I’m working on digging out all kinds of gossip about Teacher Xiao。
Since the last time Teacher Xiao revealed that he played PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds,,Teacher Xiao’s students are trying hard to find information about Teacher Xiao。
“Did you find Teacher Xiao’s number??”
“So many people in Asia server,Did you mean to find it?,As long as Teacher Xiao doesn’t tell himID,We’re going to search aimlessly like this。”