The dean said again:“Brother Lin,There is still something in my yard,Take a good rest first,I’ll go ahead。”

Before leaving, the dean did not forget to tell Dr. Huang to always pay attention to Lin Feng’s condition,And say anything,Must tell him in time。
Doctor Huang nodded and agreed,Sent the dean out。
Dean just left,Liu Chunlan also brought in food from outside,Seeing Lin Feng on the hospital bed has opened his eyes,I was also excited。
Liu Chunlan quickly put down the food in her hand,Come to the bedside,And said:“You are awake,Do you know you are scaring me to death。”
Lin Feng didn’t want to see Liu Chunlan,Before I fell into a coma,What Liu Chunlan said to herself,He remembers it clearly。
But now listening to Liu Chunlan’s unconcealed care,But after all, I didn’t feel cruel,Just said:“make you worry!”
Liu Chunlan held Lin Feng’s hand,Said:“Sorry,I spoke too much,I promise never to say that to you again,Don’t be angry with me,Take good care of your body,We go home together,good or not?”
Lin Feng has been married for so many years since He Liu Chunlan,I have never seen Liu Chunlan talk to herself in such a tone,It seems she really knew she was wrong this time。
So Lin Feng said:“it is good!go home together1”
Lin Feng tried to move himself,I found that I couldn’t move,Just asked:“Chunlan,my body?”
Liu Chunlan said quickly:“After you fainted suddenly,Yoona and I rushed you to the hospital,But because of Xiao Fan’s uselessness, I always stop you from coming to the hospital,Forbid you to check,That’s why it delayed your condition,Originally the hospital issued a critical illness notice,Later, the doctor Huang used acupuncture and moxibustion to rescue you from Lord Yan。”
After talking about Liu Chunlan, she didn’t forget to point to Doctor Huang behind her.。
Doctor Huang was ordered by the dean,Always stay with Lin Feng to observe his condition,So he is now Lin Feng’s personal doctor,Always staying in Lin Feng’s ward。
Lin Feng heard Liu Chunlan’s words,Then I noticed that there was another person in the ward,It looks like it should be the Doctor Huang from Liu Chunlan’s mouth。
Lin Feng quickly said to Doctor Huang:“I thanked Dr. Huang for saving his life here,After I leave the hospital,I must thank Dr. Huang。”