Chongqing: The "Green Channel" for the case of unblocked pension fraud

The newspaper (Reporter Liu Yang correspondent Hu Yaru) In order to deceive the elderly in accordance with laws and regulations, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the elderly, recently, the Chongqing Senior People’s Court held a special action promotion meeting to combat the special action of pension fraud, and the trial " Green Channel.

In order to open the "Green Channel" in the case of unblocking pension fraud, Chongqing High Court quickly established a special operation office to combat the special action of pension fraud, clarified the division of responsibilities, and formed a joint force of universal management. Report clues; take the initiative to connect with the public security and procuratorial organs, and comprehensively find out the number, type, case, and case of the number of cases involved in retirement, and update the ledger in real time; "Channel", formulate the progress table of the case by the case, implement the linked chart operation, reverse the construction period, clarify the case handling time nodes, and resolutely achieve fast, fast trial, fast persistence, and fast knot; Insurance to urge the work, coordinate the party committee and government to increase rescue efforts to the victims who meet the conditions of rescue; incorporate the risk prevention and control of the public -categorian care fraud cases into the scope of the comprehensive management of social security, and follow the "one case, one policy", " The requirements for precision demolition "demolition" requires one by one, and effectively and orderly carry out special actions to combat pension fraud in accordance with the law. Since 2021, the Chongqing Court has tried 25 cases of old fraud cases. Among them, there were 19 cases of 19 cases of fraud in the name of retirement, and 67 cases were violated through fraud.

The Chongqing Court promoted anti -fraud to nursing homes, communities, supermarkets, parks, entered squares, and families through the form of publicity manuals and slogans. To strengthen the education of the rule of law, expose the "routine" method of pension fraud, help the elderly to improve the awareness of the rule of law and the ability to prevent fraud, and maximize squeezing the "scam space".

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