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  Reading reminder that water resources have always been the main bottleneck restricting the economic and social development of our province, especially for Pingshun County, which is located in the Taihang Qianshi Mountains. In recent years, Pingshun County has actively promoted the safety of water drinking water in rural areas, proposed the construction of the "Sanshui Source Four Districts and Five -guaranteed County Da Water Network", organized the implementation of people’s livelihood such as the eight water lifting projects, etc. Increasing efficiency provides source water for the promotion of county and rural rejuvenation. For the production and living water in Pingshun County for the source of living water, the water used in Pingshun County mainly came from the Anle Shui Shui Shui project. The water source of the Anle Tip water project is lower than that of the county, and the county seat is large, with a large drop in the county, nearly 300 meters, resulting in uneven distribution of water pressure. In recent years, with the rapid development of industrial and agricultural production and the increase in population, the county seat has occurred in the county seat.

  To solve the problem of water use in the county, there must be reliable water sources. In May 2021, a "Sanshui source, four districts and five guarantees of county area" construction blueprints covering more than 200 administrative villages in the county’s more than 200 towns and villages in the county were launched in Pingshun County. The water supply pipe network connects the county and the stars of the villages, and "walk" into the residents’ homes, and the clear eight -road water flows into the hearts of the masses. Ba Dao Shui is the eight -strand spring water under the Yuhuangling Mountains in Pingshun County.

Here the valley is deep, the spring water is clear and sweet, and the water flows all year round.

The eight -water water lifting project is to mention the water at the bottom of the valley to the reservoir, and then let the spring water flow into the pipe network of the county. In fact, as early as the 1970s, the Eight Water Rift Project had begun to implement. It mainly solved the water supply of the Mining Plant in Changgang Xi’an Li. Later, the mineral resources were exhausted. In 2012, Changgang Xi’an Li’s selection plant stopped production and operated 40. The water supply project for the rest of the year has also stopped working. The eight -waters water lifting project is a renovation and reconstruction on the basis of the original.

Zhai Shuangquan, director of the Pingshun County Water Resources Bureau, explained: "The biggest advantage of the eight -Dao Shui water lifting project is that the water flow is almost all in the current state.

Because Yuhuangling is 1660 meters above sea level, it is at the height of the county. As long as the eight water at the bottom of the valley is raised through the 3rd water to the Yuhuangling Test, the remaining processes are all self -flow.

"Pumping station expansion, updating the pipeline network, building adjustment of the reservoir … After intense construction, the pipe network of the eight water water lifting projects and the Anle Solittering Project realized the interoperability, and the water supply of high and low pressure partitions has been achieved. In a single gap, the water supply rate of tap water in the county area has been improved, and the problem of interlacing water from the residents of the county town has been completely solved.

Yichi Chunshui stood in the "West" stream in Yuhuang Ridge, overlooking the west, and bordering the county town. The land is fertile and convenient for transportation. The base landed here.

  Liang Yuni, the person in charge of Pingshun Maifeng Agricultural Co., Ltd., is also located in the "highlands". Every year, the spring season is heavy and there are fewer rain. Liang Yuni often feels worried about the seedlings of crops and vegetables. After the eight -Dao Shui water lifting project, she solved the problem of water for her company’s production, and she was so happy: "Eight Dao Shui let me eat it, and I want to lead more people to get rich." Qingshui let Liang Yuni let go of all concerns. She organized 13 professional cooperatives in the county and invested in the construction of a cold chain logistics base in the park. The added value of the product was getting higher and higher, and the business became more and more popular.

  With water support, Naust Bags help workshop, Taihang Lingquan Mountain Spring Water Project, Zhenglai Pharmaceutical New Production Line also settled in industrial parks, covering new environmental protection projects such as new energy and new materials, food and medicine, metal deep processing, and modern logistics. The adjustment of the county’s industrial structure has been accelerated, and the industrial foundation of rural revitalization has been consolidated.

  In Pingshun, the western Taiwan is suitable for planting vegetables. The altitude of the southern mountains is high, and the climate is diverse, which is suitable for the growth of Chinese medicinal materials.

Long Chenling, a breeding household in Hongling Village, Qingyang Town, said: "The planting Chinese medicinal materials is busy for a few months. When we are leisurely, we will engage in breeding and increase income." "In the past There is no water.

"In poverty alleviation, the problem of eating water in Hongling Village was resolved, but if you want to develop the industry, Long Chenling has to consider the problem of water source. On June 1 last year, the development of drinking water projects under the development of rural industries supported by Hongling Village started. The water tower and the water pipe were paved, and the water was connected. Long Chenling’s development of the industry was even more powerful.

  At present, the "big water network" of Pingshun County’s pipeline network, complementary water volume, scientific allocation, reasonable allocation, and coordinated operation have been initially formed. The daily life water and new industrial and agricultural industries of the people along the route have been effectively guaranteed. "Strive for‘ Fourteen Five -Year Plan ’to initially build a stable and efficient water supply guarantee system. The county’ s annual water supply capacity has been increased to 15 million cubic meters, and the penetration rate of rural tap water has reached 100%. "Liu Linsong, the head of Pingshun County, said.

Since the tackling poverty alleviation of Qingquan and the people, Pingshun has carried out drinking water safety and hardware transformation of 262 villages in the county, and has reached the "four standards" requirements of the country’s current "four standards" of drinking water safety. The factors are restricted, and the ate is the dry well water.

  Not far from Yuhuangling to the west, we went to Beipo Village, Longxi Town. Beippo Village, Longxi Town is located in the southeast mountain area of ??Pingshun, with an average altitude of more than 1,400 meters. It is a local high -cold mountain area. The seasonal water deficiency problem is relatively serious.

  "Our land is cold and cold. As soon as it is frozen in winter, we are worried about eating water.

If you don’t eat water, you have to go to the water elsewhere. You see, now, as soon as the faucet is twisted, the water flows out.

"At the old man’s house in Wang Song, Beipo Village, Longxi Town, the reporter saw the convenience brought to the masses by the eight water lifting project.

  Based on the eight waters, the machine wells and Xiaoquan water are supplemented. Pingshun County implements the upgrade and upgrade project of the implementation of the dry well and the concentrated water supply point village. The drinking water project in Beipo Village is one of them.

  Moisturizing everything. The same story was staged in Dushe Village, Longxi Town. Xu Hao, a villager in Dushe Village, told reporters: "Taihang No. 1 Tourism Highway passed through the village from our village to lay the foundation for the next step in the construction of a tourist station. But we develop bonus points for rural tourism.

"On May 15 last year, the construction of the Bazaoshui Shui Shui project of Pingshun County started construction. The main project of the pipeline lag lanked on October 5 of the same year was fully opened on October 5 of the same year. The drinking water guarantee capabilities of more than 10,000 towns and towns such as Toutou, Longxi, etc., the last 20 administrative villages in the county to eat dry well water also connected to tap water. "Focusing on solving the problem of people in the county’s water and eating water. Adhere to the goal of stable water guarantee, rural water supply and safety, and rural water supply and water preservation, and continue to increase water sources, pipe network construction, and tap water entry efforts, and comprehensively eliminate villages to eat the roller water. "Lian Shubin, Secretary of the Pingshun County Party Committee, said that this year, the construction of" Da Water Network "in Pingshun County will be intensified and accelerated, and continuously promoting the expansion of drinking water to the development of rural industries along the Eight Water Tips Project to increase efficiency, consolidate and improve the water supply guarantee capacity of the county Inject the source of the source of the countryside. The people’s heart is directed by the people’s hearts.

Li Quanhong Yang Liuqing (responsible editor: Li Lin, Liu Yang).