Chinese Foundation Volunteer Wushu: Volunteer and Happy Peers

China Children’s Teenage Foundation Volunteers Wushu "Hello Child" Public Welfare Project Contacts Spring Bud Plan, Ankang Plan, Children’s Happy Home, etc. .

The project is mainly for poverty and disadvantaged children and children affected by natural disasters, accidents, and donates them to them. As the saying goes, the beginning of the "Hello Toddler" public welfare project is the same, facing problems and challenges such as promotion, fund raising, project implementation, partner expansion, peer competition, etc. need to be resolved. Joining the Foundation team, I participated in discussing the project development planning, working strategy, and clarifying each person’s task division. The core and the first rush are the fundraising of funds.

In the end, my mission is to be responsible for the development of new media channel crowdfunding platforms.

As the first public welfare foundation in China, my country Subgrade has a good cooperation foundation in crowdfunding and Taobao public welfare, Alipay, Tencent public welfare, and my mission is to develop new people outside of these platforms. Platten platform.

After the investigation, I finally chose the popularity of the world’s daily life to contact the Youku crowdfunding platform and Jingdong auction platform as my development goals.

I didn’t work with these two platforms before, I didn’t work with this channel, so everything started from scratch. Untine these two platforms are a test for me and a challenge. Those days when I contact two platforms, I don’t call every day, I am writing email, sending text messages, communication, cooperation processes, consulting relevant provisions, advancing the promotion strategy, and striving for the operator’s advertising position and other promotional support …, Busy and fully spent every day.

After countless communication and coordination, it has finally reached a cooperation intention with the two platforms of Youku and Jingdong auction, signed a cooperation agreement.

"Hello Child" public welfare project officially launched on April 12 Youku crowdfunding platform, on May 6, the Jingdong Auction Platform on the line.

We launched a "child of the child" in the Youku crowdfunding platform to raise "Hello children" love package for the children of Hebei, Hebei Province. After the event is online, I will refresh the event multiple times a day. Page, keep communication with netizens, thank them for their support.

As of the end of May 28, the set 5,000 yuan fundraising target was successfully completed. In the first auction special in Jingdong auction platform, 20 children have been taken out, and they have been raised for 2610 yuan.

At present, we have also got contact with 9 contemporary painters, strive to their support, on June 18, will open a contemporary well-known painter at Jingdong auction platform.

Next, we will purchase the "Hello children" love package, and send a wide love from all walks of life to the children.

As of now, "Hello Toddler" public welfare project has issued more than 10,000 sets of poverty packages in all parts of the country. I think that these love packages will also condense my hard work, and I have warm satisfaction. When communicating with Jingdong and Youku staff, when they learned that we are fundraising for public welfare projects, it provides me with a lot of convenience. When they interact with the majority of donations, they are full of positive energy, and they have also given great encouragement. Although my volunteer service is very nervous every day, I have a pressure, but I have learned a lot of knowledge and skills from the middle school, enjoy the fun in volunteer, in love with this lofty care of children, I am willing to put children. As my lifelong business, public welfare undertakings, give more children’s teenagers to happiness, health and happiness. (Editor: Chen Yifei, Xu Xiaohua) Sharing let more people see.