China Bank Anhui Branch and Suzhou Municipal People’s Government sign a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement

Signing ceremony site. The China Bank Anhui Branch is awarded to the Chinese bank for their long-term support for the construction of Suzhou City for a long time. He said that Suzhou City is facing historical development opportunities, and all areas will show new booms. The Shuzhou Municipal Party Committee will create the best environment for the development of various business development in Bank, provide the best service, hope to China Anhui Branch gives Suzhou more support in the credit, resource allocation, etc.

Liu Xiwei, thanks to the long-term support of the city’s municipal government.

He said that the comprehensive strength of Suzhou City is constantly enhanced, and the business environment is getting better and more excellent. It contains a lot of investment hotspots, the development potential is huge, and the prospects for political and silver have broad opportunities for Bank of China. The broad future of "14th Five-Year Plan", Bank of China will borrow the opportunity of the "four-way synchronization" in the north, give full play to its own financial advantages, continuously increase the investment in credit resources, and fully support the economic development of the entity, the prosperity of Suzhou economy And development provides comprehensive financial services and powerful financial support. According to the agreement, the Bank of China Anhui Branch will focus on the development of the strategic industry, ecological environment protection, cultural tourism, infrastructure construction, advanced manufacturing, small and medium-sized enterprises, "fourteen" During the five "period, the total financial support of the intentional financing is not less than 50 billion yuan through the marketing mode, helping Suzhou City to integrate into the Yangtze River Triangle and accelerate the construction of modern new stations.

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