Six principles of eating and drinking for the elderly

Six principles of eating and drinking for the elderly

Eat every day, then how to eat for the elderly is a healthy diet?

The old man’s digestive tract is not good. How to eat is the healthiest?

here we come to find out.

  Food has to go to the meal early to eat.

In addition, from the perspective of Chinese medicine, 7 am?
9 o’clock is the time when the stomach is ordered, so breakfast is best arranged at this time.

Chinese medicine also said that “the stomach is not upright and restless”, so dinner is also trying to eat early, so that it will not increase the burden on the stomach.

  Less food, the ancients often said that “meal is full of eight meals, less illness and no troubles”, that is to say, one or two mouthfuls per meal, giving the stomach two points of space.

The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic also advocates “the diet has festivals.”

American studies have found that if humans often maintain two-year age, their life expectancy will increase by 20%?

  Food should be warmed up by Chinese medicine practitioners, and the spleen and stomach are the foundation of the day after tomorrow.

The stomach is dry and aversion to cold, so avoid the cold food stimulation of ice and warm food.

However, it should be noted that warm food is not equal to hot food. Frequently eating hot food will damage the esophagus and is one of the causes of esophageal cancer.

  It is necessary to slow down the diet, and it is said that you should chew slowly, so that you can fully absorb nutrients, protect the stomach and promote digestion.

The second is to remind you to treat dinner as a pleasant thing, don’t eat too tired.

  Food should be soft, the elderly have bad mouth, and the spleen and stomach are weak. It is better to eat soft and not hard. The so-called “hard food”, in addition to the hard fruit items, also includes fried fried, fat and greasy.Class of poorly digestible food.

  To eat less is to reduce oil and less salt and less processing.

The reason why this kind of faint character should be especially emphasized is that the Chinese people now have excessive salt and cooking oil, which is converted into high blood lipids and high blood pressure.