China Nuclear Group, China and Ji-Shaan Uranium Cultural Publicity Center

China Nuclear Shaanxi Uranium Enterprise (hereinafter referred to as the Nuclear Shaanxi Uranium) Cultural Propaganda Center is located in Yang County, Hanzhong City, Shaanxi Province, built on January 15th, 20th Anniversary of my country’s Nuclear Industry, was awarded 2020-2024 The "National Nuclear Science Educational Base" and the group company’s first batch of "party sex education base" honorary titles. In October 1969, China and Nuclear Shaanxi is constructed in October 1969, it has always vigorously promotes the spirit of "two bombing" and the spirit of nuclear industry. If you don’t forget to innovate the heart, keep in mind that the country is a mission, created China uranium "Five First" "Five First" "Five Tour" and "Two Minimum" in the concentration industry are the first factory with centrifugal and uranium and large-scale commercial demonstration projects in my country. Nuclear Fuel production base.

The National Work Model Thunder, "National May 1st Labor Medal" winner Wang Guo and 18 provincial grade labor models.

China-Derivant-Shaanxi Uranium Culture Propaganda Center has a 1200 square meter exhibition area and 9,000 square meters of cultural square and 200 square meters of integration media center, a total of 10,000 square meters, mainly divided into nuclear industrial exhibition area, China and Nuclear-Shaanxi uranium exhibition area, nuclear science spread area, nuclear Science view hall, the media platform, etc. In the exhibition hall, China’s nuclear industry development process, "Two-Bi-player" brilliant achievements, China Nuclear Power Modules, and Overview, Development of Nei Nei Nuclear Power Projects, Development History, Leadership, Corporate Culture, Social Responsibility, Outstanding Contribution, Honor, etc. . At present, the group company leaders at all levels, the leaders of the provincial counties and the parties (general) branches of the company rely on the cultural publicity center to carry out partial education, nuclear science publicity nearly 10,000 people.

Among them, the party’s sexual education is carried out nearly 3,000; carry out the nuclear science propaganda into the school, enter the military, into the community, into the Political Consultative Conference, into the majority of the village and towns, and the community launched 3,500 nuclear science publicity activities, and conduct nuclear sciences for the armed police soldiers in enterprises. Training 200 people; carry out "Zhenmei Han," Nuclear Science, "Nuclear Science"

In the Hanzhong area, the event has formed a nuclear science activities that cultivate public safety and cultural branding. In the past, the majority of party members and cadres have deeply experienced the family of the old generation of nuclear industry, and experienced the brilliant achievements of the Chinese and Nuclear Shaanxi, the brilliant achievements in the red gene, enhance party spirit cultivation, inspire patriotic enthusiasm, and put revolution The spirit is promoted, promoting the "Qi Nuclear Reporting State, Innovation Dedication" New Times Nuclear Industry Spirit, contributing to the Construction of Socialist Spiritual Civilization and Wisdom of Nei Nei.