Continuous Implementation of Industry Association Chamber of Commerce Charges (People’s Review)

  Industry Association Chamber of Commerce is responsible for the development of service enterprises, reflects industry demands, resolves contradiction disputes, and strengthening the important responsibilities of industry self-discipline. It is a bridge link between government, enterprises, and market. However, due to various reasons, the industry associations are still in the field of chances, chaos, and confrontation. These phenomena have been widely concerned in the eighth chance of this year. A city public security traffic management department will "file an instant distribution association" as a condition for the registration of electric bicycle registrations in the express delivery enterprise, and the industry association uses the administrative power to borrow the opportunity; a hard pen calligraphy association violates the vocational qualification license and identified, The students have no calligraphy basics. As long as they pay the training exam, they can receive relevant qualification certificates. Different, the fees are different, but they all belong to the industry association chambers of chaotic charges, chaos, chaos, reflect some industry association chamber of commerce Insufficient survival capacity, insufficient cultivation support, and uncomfortable in the department’s comprehensive supervision mechanism.

  In recent years, the state has vigorously deepen the reform of "venting service", launch a series of heavy initiatives, the purpose is to optimize the business environment, reduce the burden of enterprise, and reduce transaction costs.

Some Industry Association Chamber of Commerce is insufficient because of self-standardization, self-constraint, through dignified, invisible procedures, qualifications, certification, to make company burden without reducing This will not only affect the healthy development of these industry associations, and to a certain extent, the market economy order has aggravated the market body burden, destroying a good business environment, making the "venting service" reform bonus to pass the bonus. Micro market entities affect some of the sense of enterprises.

Therefore, rectifying the industry association chamber charges, but also the industry associations, but also to maintain the reform effect of simplicity decentralization, constantly stimulate market vitality, and enhance development motivation.

  In July last year, the National Office issued the "Notice on Further Regulating the Chamber of Commerce for Industry Association", requiring the attitude of "zero tolerance", comprehensively clean up the illegal charges of the industry associations, and further enhance the provisional and transparency of the industry association Chamber of Commerce, establish Improve the long-term supervision mechanism of the Chamber of Commerce in the Industry Association. From March to October this year, the Ministry of Civil Affairs launched a special action for "I will reduce the burden of enterprises" in the field of industry associations.

Under Heavy punches, the industry association Chamber of Commerce is standardized, and some of the chaotic charges have become more concealed.

Organize enterprises to detect and obtain service charges; request enterprises to join the association and participate in continuing education training, otherwise deduct credit evaluation scores; the number, type and matters of the equipment, type and matters are charged … All place exposure In the case, "Relying on the Administrative Committee" is important aspect. This shows that the industry associations and administrative organs are in-depth reforms, clarify the administrative organs and industry associations functional borders, clarify the relationship between government, society, and market, in order to play the role of regulating industry associations.

  From a bigger level, continue to advance to fully deepen reforms, allowing the market to determine and better play the role in resource allocation, and need to deal with government and market relationships. After vigorously promoting the reform of "venting suits", after in-depth promotion of simultaneous dealt, it will definitely require industry associations to undertake a large number of self-discipline industry management and social service functions. Therefore, give up the dependence on administrative power, providing enterprises with high-quality self-discipline industry services, industry associations can win the support of enterprises and government, and play a positive role in promoting market economy.