“OK!”Looking at full face,In the eyes, it is still a firm tea.,Qinggang laughs,Laugh。

This wish,As early as I came to this world,I will make it.。
Your fingertips,Is my belief in my life!
as you wish,My electric shock princess。
(This chapter is over)
NS205chapter my sun
Early next morning,The ward of the Qing Palace is very lively。
“Ah, ah.,leaderYou are really miserable.。”Franida is sitting in the bedside of the Qing Palace,Great, pick up an apple from the table of the bed, licking up,“How about it,How to feel and the first place?”
“You will try it next time.。”The Qing Gong glanced at her,After a night’s rest,He can now sit up.,Hands can also eventually active,have to say,The medical skills of the soul of the Soil are really worthy of his title.。
“I don’t want to try it.。”Fu Landa smashed,Sell a cute to the Qing Palace,Then I took the apple and jumped out the bed.,Sitting directly on the window sill,Concentrate on apple。
leaderHow can such a strong person who is so bad and a bad person can be easily dead?!
“Sure enough, as you guess.。”Yunchukawaolbusiness attire,It looks like a female white-collar worker in the workplace office,Laughing, watching the Qing Palace,“The Board is actively committed to the explosion of the delivery,and,The chairman of the chairman also did not find trouble.,It seems that everything is just a surprise.。”
“Think about it。”The Qing Down shook his head,“That old guy,In fact, I can’t stop this experiment.,His design,Deep。”
The Qing Palace is of course clear,Yaresta can’t be investigated.。
‘Artificial heaven’s plan,It is everything in Aresta,For this purpose,He can do every price,And the Qing Palace stops one party,Can you help him to a certain extent?,so,My sister can also spread more reasonably to the entire world.,So starting with the Qing Palace at the beginning, I will know when I am playing.,Yaresta will not have problems。Moreover,In case,He isowletLeader‘Owl’The identity appearance。
“The experiment is completely over.。”Beravulate 砥 砥 看 手 手,It is still a faceless look,“At least in my record,‘Absolutelanced experiment’Frozen,Those children will be sent to all parts of the http://www.yx-sc.cn world because of physical adjustment.。so,Our plan is at least now,Be successful。”
“not bad。”The Qing Palace is sitting in Flander,Bite Fremeya,Gently smile,“Hard work。”
“nothing。”The bundle is in the open expression,“I said when I entered the dark part.,You are a qualifiedleader。”
“Missing the leader,Is it a responsibility?。”Yunchuku Yai smiled in the Qing Palace,Bending and teasing the Qing Dynasty,The towering of the chest is a slight trembling feeling.,Occasionally, a spring,With a woman’s expression,It is difficult to don’t want to think more。
“You are really enough.。”The Qing Dynasty watched Yunchuya,“Is there such a casual leader??”
“So we are not yours.。”Yunchuka collassed the temptation expression,Laughing, watching the Qing Palace,“As a friend and help,This is the originalleaderWhat you said!Friend’s http://www.handystock.cn words,There is nothing to play.?”
“”The Qing Palace was smiling by her.,Can’t help but shake,The heart is slightly warm。
“All right,We stayed enough for us.。”Yunchukawa Jiasi laughs,Stand up and walk away outside the door,“Next,There is also guests here.。”Say,She gently pulls the door,Go out。
Outside the door,Meiqin saw a person。
WearolDress brunette woman seeing her,Smile with her,Take another walking to the corridor,Behind her back,Also followed by two blonde。
“Hey?It’s you?”Just as Menqin, how is the back of this woman so eye?,Just as one of the blonde girl touched a face,When two meet,The two are stunned.。
Franida is a sight of sight,Mercure Miqin is complicated to look at this girl who has been fighting with himself today.。
“big sister!”Side of Fremeia seeing Meiqin but cheers,A smile to the Meiqin every day。
“It is you,Little sister。”Seeing Fremeya Meiqin laughing,Looking up at Flana,Lightly asked,“This is your sister?”
“Um。”Franida hesitatedly nodded,Then turn to the head and look forward to Fremeya,“Freelia,Hurry up!”