Pull out the long knife behind yourself,He slashed at Lin Yu。

“Man and sword!”
Lin Yu saw the opponent cut this knife,With endless murderous aura。
In desperation,Can only be hard。
Two forces collide。
Click!Lin Yu’s body,The sound of broken bones sounded。
Lin Yu who turned into a sword,Instantly changed back to the original appearance。
As for the knife cut by this invincible old man,direct,Was blocked by Lin Yu。
unfortunately,This surface is blocked。
But in fact,Lin Yu is because of this,Suffered more internal injuries。
The tree in the dantian,Also at this moment,Withered,seem,Because of lack of strength,Dying。
“Another knife。”
See Lin Yu’s face,Lack of strength。
Invincible old man,Cut again。
of course,Cut out with this knife。
Invincible old man,Also consumes his own strength。
but,Even if it is consumed cleanly,so what?
As long as I can kill Lin Yu,At last,Treasures in him,It belongs to me。
“It seems,Can only burn true yuan。”