“I said,You better throw away your stuff。”Li Tianchou suddenly thought of the playing cards in Mole’s hand。

“Boss,What the hell?”Mole plays dumb,Knowingly ask。
“Just that poker,Than always holding a sultry,If something goes wrong, you are responsible for solving it?”
“Is not,My brother。I rely on that stuff to smoke,No food if thrown away。You do well,I promise not to take it out casually。brother,I beg you……”Mole weeping face,It looks more uncomfortable than killing。
“Haro,Big die,Looks pretty ugly。”There was a shrill hello from behind。
Li Tianchou and Mole looked back at the same time,There are three or four people standing behind,All watching,Should be a prisoner in another cell。
A young guy at the front,Looks like thin skin and tender meat,But the evil spirit,A pair of restless eyes swept between Li Tianchou and Mole very rudely,Not bad at first sight,Obviously the greeting just now came from this person。
“Viagra is good,I broke my stomach this morning,I’ve always seen it by you?”Mole nodded and bowed quickly,Very soft tone,There is a low taste,Seems to be afraid of these people。
The guy called Viagra nodded,A grunt in the nose counts as a response,“Where’s your boss An?Not back yet?”
“not yet,I think it’s almost。Thanks for viagra care。”
“This stupid newcomer?”Viagra turned his attention to Li Tianchou again,Look up and down unscrupulously,“I heard that the grandson who got Ange arrived in your warehouse last time?”
Mole has green eyes,Look at viagra,Look at Li Tianchou again,I’ve been trembling for a long time and don’t know how to answer。
“What idiot are you?Why is talking more smelly than shit?”Li Tianchou smiled and looked at the thin-skinned young man in front of him,But the words are not polite。Since the other party spoke badly,Provocative,There is no need for him to be patient。
Since being jailed again,Li Tianchou’s ideas have undergone a qualitative change,Former soldier、A lot of thoughts that deliberately restrain one’s words and deeds,Now everything is no longer a problem。