“In room three, Xiaoyue and Xiaohong accompanied,This guy is so annoying”A woman sitting on the edge of the sofa replied to Chen Xiaoju。

Wang Youcai often comes to Chen Xiaoju,So I know where room 3 is,He didn’t wait for Chen Xiaoju to speak,Rushed in two steps。Chen Xiaoju chased him behind,But it’s too late,Wang Youcai lifted his foot,Kicked the door of room three open。
The quality of the door is too bad,Wang Youcai’s casual kick,The locks on the door fell to the ground。With two screams,The two women shrank to the corner in fright。Sit up slowly from the bed.Topless man。
When Wang Youcai’s eyes meet this person’s eyes,Wang Youcai couldn’t help but cried out:“It was you?”
“what!You guys know!”Chen Xiaoju, who was catching up, said with a smiley face。
Who glared at Chen Xiaoju and roared:“What’s your place?You can’t find the person you are looking for,Press a motorcycle!This is human or not human, just go inside,I think you should close the door!”
This guy doesn’t curse people without the word dirty。Since they have rushed in,Wang Youcai is not the one who is afraid of things。He said coldly:“I heard you are fierce,I’d like to see,Are you human?If it is human,You have to be honest in Pingdu”Wang Youcai knows this man,That’s why he said that。
“Hahahaha!Even someone like you dare to say something like this to me。I’m not afraid of your crowds someday,But for fear of alarming the police,Otherwise I will let you know what’s your stake“Which guy’s tone is very arrogant。
Chen Xiaoju hurriedly said haha:“Mr Mao!Don’t be angry,I just misunderstood,Miss Lihong found it for you,Let her accompany you to be happy!“
“You give me out“When Wang Youcai heard Chen Xiaoju say this,I don’t know the anger,He pushed Chen Xiaoju out of the door。
“ Hahahaha!Wang Youcai,So you are such a bitch?I dare to challenge Mao Sen for such a woman,Is it worth?Let’s settle the new and old accounts together“Mao Sen laughed and put on his shirt。
This guy turned out to be Mao Sen,Wang Youcai recognized him as soon as he came in。Didn’t he ask for someone on the day,Was the guy who was driven away by Wang Youcai??But what is his name, Wang Youcai?,Today he reported to himself,This is very good。