indeed,As Hu Ge said,People can spend two million to help people in difficulty,Even hype,Everyone recognizes。

By contrast,Some celebrities spend money on their own enjoyment to hype,Like how much is a meal,How much does it cost to buy a car,How much is a mansion to live in,How much bodyguards did you hire,Hold a wedding of hundreds of millions and so on,Now this,It really makes people feel good。
Audience in the Populus Live Room,There are still a few fans of that little fresh meat。
They were originally angry,These people speak too much,Suddenly don’t like Brother Hu。
But when Brother Hu said that,,They immediately feel good。Yes!Other celebrities have the ability to show off so much money,Did you hear?Brother Hu thinks this kind of show is meaningful。
“Ok!I admit,I laughed too much just now。”
“Whether he is a show or not,But this time I must like。I want Brother Hu to say that,This kind of show,Hope to have more。”
“Although it’s ridiculous for a razor to make two million,But have to admit,He helped some people,That’s great,Shouldn’t blame。”
In fact,This is indeed a hype,Everyone’s press release is ready。Wait for the auction to end,News will be released from the media。
now,Little fresh meat is not easy to mix,Big competition,Not as crazy as a few years ago。Want to be famous,You have to spend some money,And can’t go the usual hype route,Gossip and waiting,The method is a bit outdated。
at this time,I saw President Ma not far away sitting upright,cheer up,The highlight is coming。
A bronze statue appeared,It’s a chariot of three horses,Look at style,It seems to be a treasure from the Spring and Autumn Period and Warring States Period,The craftsmanship is superb。
“This treasure,Can it be auctioned??”Someone can’t help but ask。
in fact,As long as there is no registered treasure,Even if its value reaches the national first-class cultural relic,It won’t cause trouble for the time being,Relevant departments will not find fault。