And at this time,Those guys who were knocked into the air also slowed down,Start to show the housekeeping skills!

The fatal cat is getting bigger,Also its attack power is increasing。
If they hadn’t been prepared,Has automatically sealed the hearing with aura,I am afraid that I have already been confused at this moment。
As for the iron wolf,The spikes on its back leave directly from the body,The tip of the thorn is facing them,Keep spinning。
Almost unsolvable iron thorn,His Sky Howl Sword cannot be cut,So for them it is a killer。
Enemy on three sides,This is fun。
The sword is already shaking,apart from“One sword”Can’t stop all attacks in an instant,This kind of sword trick that consumes a lot of spiritual energy is also a burden for him。
But he said,Want to kill in front of him,Unless willing,Otherwise absolutely impossible!
Chapter seven hundred and nine Tu Bingxuan
and so,The spiritual energy from around him is pouring into the sword itself at extremely fast speed,The terrible Reiatsu appeared,The powerful attack power brought by this final sword will be the best gift for these guys。
“One sword,First style,Breaking Sword!”
The cyan sword light whizzed out in an instant,Terrible power collides with those spirit beasts,Including ice sculptures that have not been unblocked,Become a spectacular landscape。
Even if its skin is thick and thick,Xia Chenglong also has a lot of confidence to get those guys done,No longer care,Turn quickly and leave。
It’s not a good thing to stay here,They have to think of a way out as soon as possible。
While turning around,Xia Chenglong saw the ice dragon in front of Tu Cancan for a moment,There is a different discovery at this moment。
The dragon’s head is looking up diagonally,As if snarling at some place!
When looking at the ice dragon’s eyes,I found that the ice layer in the upper corner is different from other places,Doesn’t seem to be real ice。