Five years have passed since time flies,Zhou Zilin recalled the past,A moment of emotion,He changed his home clothes,The whole person is much younger,Looking at the wife who hangs the suit jacket on the hanger,Say what you worry about again,“Wife,You still have time to talk to your son,When will you be a head if this continues?。”

Sun Xiaoqin is also helpless,“Husband,Like your son,If he can listen to me,Will be atAIs it more than ten years to live in the city??”
“Never grew up with us,We only provide him with material,Now the children are so good,Know how to be less grateful,You want him to listen to me,I don’t have that ability。”
Wife is telling the truth,Zhou Zilin can’t refute,I knew it would be like this,I shouldn’t have sent my son to my grandma’s house because of work。
“Where’s Yiyi?Look at her.Do you have any other feelings for your son??”
“Husband,You really think too much,I know you are in a hurry,But this is really not something you can do in a hurry,Your son just shaves his head and picks his head hot,Yiyi that girl,The nerves can be used as a belt,If your son confessed clearly,,Maybe she thought she was joking。”
“Something worthless,Not like me at all!”
“Yes Yes Yes,My husband is the most handsome,Start when you see it,Gives me no room to refuse。”
“how?You regret it?”Zhou Zilin’s voice cooled down,The gentle expression turned back to indifference,So horrible。
Mrs. Zhou knows him very well,A properly paper tiger,Gave him an angry look,“Yes,I regret,Regretted having a son,If this is to have an obedient daughter,I’m not going to have nothing to do with him。”
Zhou Zilin thought of Yang Liu’s thoughtfulness,Can’t help but hug your wife’s waist,Close to her earlobe,Said softly:“Wife,Let’s have another one?”
Regenerate one?
Mrs. Zhou was very irritated by her husband,“You are crazy?My son is almost 30 years old,Survived?Do you want your son to be bachelor for life?Moreover,How old i am?The baby I gave birth called me mom or grandma?”
Sun Xiaoqin quickly made up a big show,Son takes his girlfriend home,I saw the little one at home,I thought it was his bastard,Unhappy,I learned that it’s the prospective uncle,Turn around and leave,There is no room for negotiation。
Even if they are separated,The youngest son grew up in a rich family,At the age of kindergarten,Other kids call themselves grandma,The son of their age calls himself mother,The strange look.
Oh my god,It’s scary to think about it!
Zhou Zilin’s enthusiasm was poured cold water by his wife,A bit silly,Dare not look at my wife’s eyes,Take her hand and leave,“Hurry down,The food is ready。”
The person who was thinking about grandson now wants a son,It’s so bad he can figure it out,Don’t talk about action,I can’t even think about it!