Construction of mutual complexial, repairing the embroidery building … Ningde Jiaocheng promotes "I do practical things for the masses" practice activities

At the Press Conference of Ningde City, I was held in Ningde City, I was held on September 24, and the Standing Committee of the Jiacheng District Committee and the Minister of Propaganda Department, Chen Jian, who have received attention, will be concerned about the Historical and Cultural Street District. Progress in the protection project has been introduced. It is reported that since the study of the study and education of the party history, Jiacheng District as the central city of Ningde City, regard "I do practical practice" to the masses as the important content of the party history and the high-racer, insist on the problem-oriented, based on the needs of the people, really In order to do a good job in the masses, do practical things, solve problems, and concentrate on 366 pieces for the masses to do practical practice projects, the four sets of team leadership leadership is 78 projects, and I will try to solve a group of people reflected strong pain points difficult to block points. The problem is currently completed.

1 month, built 42 mutual filial piety old food halls to solve more than 600 elderly people’s dining puzzles to solve rural difficulties, "eat difficult", Jiacheng District built 42 mutual filial piety, food, dining It has reached 1,000, and it has been a dining service for more than 600 elderly people. And fully promote the second batch of 20 construction tasks, and strive to make rural elderly people can work in an "happiness on the tip of the tongue" at home.

According to Chen Jian, Jiacheng uses the original rural happiness, Wu Baoying Park, Home Service Station, and Elderly Activity Center, etc., unified to prepare a kitchen basic product, and in fire safety, monitoring facilities And adequate and adaptation and other aspects, etc., to ensure the safety of the elderly.

Regulating operational management, the building and management of the village (residential) committee is the first responsible person, the township government, the street office fulfilled supervision duties.

In the village committee account, the accounting account is set up, and it is publicized in January, the public expenditure, the payment, the charging standard, ensuring that the funds are publicly transparent. In addition, the Hanana City Government has also developed a series of initiatives such as financial system, civilized unit hook system, public welfare position development plan, charity day donation force, and other initiatives. Among them, the district finance gives each category of canteens through the acceptance of 80,000 yuan. Every year, each mutual filial piety old canteen operation fund subsidies have 60,000 yuan. At present, the residential government has invested 3.36 million yuan for subsidies for subsidies to each other. .

Committed to Historical and Cultural Street Protection and Development Ming Embroidery Building Repair Project Monthly Formation Jiacheng District existing Pengcheng, Chenghuang Temple two provincial historical and cultural streets.

Since the beginning of this year, Jiacheng District has followed the principle of "unified planning, step-by-step implementation, first urgency, string, and wired." "We have developed a preliminary plan for the prevention and development of the historical and cultural street protection of Historical and Cultural Street, the district government, and the pre-special funds were 20 million yuan, preparing the completion of the research report.

"Chen Jian said that the Jiacheng District also launched the construction of micro-fire station, smart safety electricity, historical construction line renovation, public fire hydrant construction projects, and street environmental remediation and other work.

At present, 40 household intelligence firefighting projects and 37 housing intelligent safety electricity projects have been completed, and the intelligent fire expansion project of Chenghuang Temple Street is expected to be completed in early October.

In addition, Jiacheng also lassed the census listing of historic buildings and cultural relics, completed 21, published historical building listing, and sixwood warranty.

Start the rescue protection project, the county-level Wen Kao, the county-level Wen Kao, which is more concerned, has also launched, and it is scheduled to be completed in September.

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