“Kiki,What is your request?,You can talk to me,This year’s time,I am slowly preparing。”Han Yuxuan glanced at her fair face。

That’s a word,She is red。
She is really easy to shy。
Blue Qiqi looked at him,Some indiscriminate,“Isn’t there another time??Why suddenly say this??”
“Huh……”Han Yuxuan laughed,“Stupid,The time is very fast for a year。”
Chess,There is still a time for a year.。Many things can be http://www.amyusb.cn made this year,How can he think so fast??
“Han Yuxuan,Since you ask, I said.,I like to hold a wedding in a place with a lot of roses.,It is better to have a rose manor.,I like the red rose, you also know。”
When you like purple lavender from small people,She has always likes roses and lotus。
“Know。”Han Yuxuan’s sound line has some hoarse,He smiled gently,Very eye-catching,Blue Qiqi is sorry to openly,Too big eyes, no longer。
“Is there still??Kiki?”His girl is too simple.。
This can be done,Start from tomorrow,He will let the assistant go to the place,He planted a rose garden,Give her a surprise。
Blue Qiqi wants to think,I really didn’t think other things.。
“Han Yuxuan,When I think of it, tell you again.。”
“Good。”Han Yuxuan laughed,This is getting up to take a mobile phone.,By the way, bring the diary and take away.,For him,Also use。
He also has the life of the years after marriage。
Looking at the snowy sky outside the window,Even a year ago,I am afraid that it is also a few months.,He is somewhat suspected that Lu Uncle is deliberate。
But a year,He and Kiki are a lifetime。
He was free to grab it on the table.,He knows that this phone is called his father.,Really。
Han Yuxuan did not call,Generally, he knows what Dad is going to do.?
Han Yuxuan looked at the end of this year.,Next time,He is not in the company for a while,I will not have anything for the time being.?
I will not be busy next year.,Now two TV series is waiting to boot,Another work,It is the script that Chu Fei is going to find the Mrs. Su.。
An Ali’s script is very popular,Unreasonable people can’t get it。
Chu Feiyang’s mother, Lu Si and Soviet, Mrs. Su is also a friend who knows.,Chu Feyang is easy to get the script。
There is no problem in investment.。
Then put the rose manor to the schedule。
He bowed,The slender finger quickly knocked on the assistant to him on http://www.cyber-dj.com.cn the phone.,Let him find the venue。
Just finished WeChat,His mobile phone rang again。
This time is the mother called.,He took it.。
“Yuxuan,Your Dad gives you a call, how do you not answer the phone??”Yi Yuxi also did not blame Han Yuxuan,I thought that there will be many things to be busy today.。
“Does he have something??”They together,He felt some surprised,Mom is this forgive me??
“Nothing,Just want you to take Qiqi back to eat at night.,Lu people entertain you a few times.,You are also getting married now.。”
“It is said that this time is because of the relationship between your two.,My relationship with Blue Xin has also been close.,The two also became a friend who didn’t say anything.。”
Han Yuxuan understands,However, he looked at Kiki, who bowed his head.,Thinking of the banquet tonight,He http://www.susongdanbao.cn said:“Mom,Not in tonight,There is a banquet tonight,In Jiangyu Hotel,Can you miss tomorrow??”
“Can,Before you come back, make a call on your mother.,Mom is ready to prepare。”
Hang up the phone,Han Yuxuan also looked at Blue Qiqi,Ask her opinion:“Kiki,Go to my house to eat tomorrow night.,My mother wants to see you.。”
Blue Qiqi raised his head from hand,I nodded at him.:“Okay.。”