With the core of the two people,Space begins to weird。

A variety of images appeared in the entire space.,Balonia is a child,There is also a variety of future。
A family is safe and living,Children in the orphanage enter the same school,high school,University。
There is also the premise of Hisia and Bronia safe.,The two meet the phantom of friends。
Han Jiang looked at all in all areas“possibility”,He knows that he is not the world.,So many possibilities in this world are removed,Even can’t appear。
Can be more and closer to the core of the two people,Han Jiang also saw the scene with Balonia.。
“This is what you can see correctly into the quantum.?”Han Jiang thought。
The past, his is all“Expressway”,Can’t see these things at all。
and,In the future of Baronia“possibility”I saw myself.,And it seems that it is not bad.,Hanjiang’s heart is still slightly shaking。
“your future,Have me!”Han Jiang whispered。
“Um。”Baronia bites her teeth to hold back the pain of the body:“my future,Sister with buds,Stupid Bronia,Ji Miss,De Lisa Academic Length”
“Everyone,There must be existed,The core of the law,you will not?”
Bronia got in the sentence of Hanjiang’s previous jokes.,Because Han Jiang also wants to get the core of the law。
Buds and Wantati in the San Fufer Juchi are core,Also able to live a very good person in humans。
Han Jiang can’t give us a force,Bronia is in request,She wants to complete the things of Walter,It is also very necessary to use this power to rescue the quantum of the quantum.。
“Who knows??”Han Jiang seems to be unsatisfactory。
Kai’s words appeared in the mind of Hanjiang at this time.,He gives the gift for http://www.hongsheng-hsh.cn Hanjiang,The same is the core of the law。
As long as Han Jiang uses the drug he gives,Hanjiang’s body will not generate the law,Can master the power of the law。
Bronia has been prepared by Kai“Hi Jier”,Be a serious injury,Can you catch a chance?,Just look at Han Jiang’s choice。
The vibration of space is getting more and more intense,Bronia’s body seems to be fast。
I heard Hanjiang’s answer,Bronia slowly pushed the help of Hanjiang。
“Last paragraph,Balonia can。”
Hanjiang Song Kai Bonia’s arm,Looking at her, she is a little bit close to the core of the law.。
When Bronia arrived at the core of the law,Han Jiang’s heart flashed,A silk regret。
You can also get the core,With this power,Maybe help His leave。
If you are strong enough,After the law appeared in the future,You can also deal with http://www.sun-keninc.cn yourself,Don’t have to face dangerous battles in Bronia。
These ideas are in the heart of Hanjiang in the heart of Hanjiang in the heart of the third world.,Core of reason,Help people block dangerous。
Han Jiang’s hand lifted,Then put it again,He is struggling。
Baronia trembled a right hand,However, there is a barrier that can’t be seen before the core.,Blocking Bronia’s fingertips。
Baronia bites teeth,Force,A drum is holding the core of the law of reason in the hand。
Sudden,Spirit is completely cleared。
It is like a medical bandage to extend from the inside.,Pining the Barona group。
at the same time,The power of the core has begun to erode Bonia’s body.。
White little hand,Red line marks in a spider web is generally dense。
Bronia began to panic,Because the core is to lose control,And below,Zimi said,The man’s genus came.。
Han Jiang also stands in the original floor.,Do he come back to help himself?,Or,He is waiting for yourself failed,Then take the core of the chapter?