May be too early,The commissary door is ajar,There seems to be no one inside。Xia Jian stood at the door and looked at it。This small shop should have built a small room outside the yard,From inside to the yard,Xia Jian took a look and understood。

So he yelled inside:“Hey!Bought something”
“coming!Who is so early!”Authentic Hakka,But Xia Jian can understand。
An aunt about fifty,Walked out with a fat body。She came around from behind the counter,First opened the door。She glanced at Xia Jian and Lu Wanting,Asked faintly:“buy what?”The tone seems extremely unfriendly。
“Oh!something delicious,Pick some expensive ones out”Xia Jian said with a smile。
Aunt Xia Jian said this,Smile on my face。She bent down,Threw a lot of mess on the counter。Lu Wanting, you’re welcome,I picked several bags of my favorite:“These belong to me,Choose what you eat”
Xia Jian is not interested in these things,But to fill the belly,He still chose a few bags for himself。It’s only fifty-seven yuan and anise。
“Hey boss!You don’t need to find this money,I want to ask you。Which township does Shuiyan Village belong to??We come out to play,A little lost”Xia Jian said,Pushed a hundred yuan bill to this woman。
I don’t need to find some change for the money。There was a bright smile on this woman’s face,She laughed and said:“Shuiyan Village, Dongjiang Town,Should be under the jurisdiction of Baitian District,That’s enough detail!”
Xia Jian smiled,He is a little helpless,Asked a way for dozens of dollars,Also asked what should,He doesn’t even know how the people here live。
Xia Jian looked at eating,I feel a little thirsty,He quickly asked for several more bottles of water,This is when I was carrying something and was about to leave。
“Hey!young people。Someone came here to find someone last night,Ask me if I have seen a man and a woman enter the village?They are not looking for you two!”This woman suddenly asked such a sentence。
Xia Jian was taken aback,Quickly said with a smile:“no no,No one we know here,It may be a coincidence”
“Oh!Anyway, please pay attention,Who are really not things,Took me a few bottles of water,Don’t even give money when you leave”The old man scolded a little angrily。
Xia Jian smiled,Hurry up and leave this shop with Lu Wanting。It seems that his guess is not wrong,Bald knows they will come here,Fortunately, they did the opposite,Otherwise they will fall into their trap。
Xia Jian while walking,I quickly sent Luo Yi a text message,Told her the detailed address here。